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Descendants of Clement Briggs born in England, died 1650 at Weymouth, Massachusetts and Joan Allen.

Descendants of Clement Briggs born in England, died 1650 at Weymouth, Massachusetts and Joan Allen. Reportedly born 14 June 1587 at Southwark, England, son of John Briggs. Reportedly living in Southwark, Surrey, England in 1616. Arrived on the "Fortune" in November 1621. Will probated in Boston, 24 AUG 1650.

Ancestor connection: Mercy Briggs born est 1714; m. William Card, he b. 1710/11 North Kingston, Washington Co., Rhode Island, d. abt 1784/5 Pownal, Bennington Co., Vermont.

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Clement Briggs

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            Clement Briggs of Weymouth, Massachusetts

      The following chapter is extracted and summarized from Clement
Briggs of Plymouth Colony and His Descendants 1621-1965, compiled
by Edna Anne Hannibal of Palo Alto California with abstracts of
probate and land records by Claude W. Barlow, Ph.D. of Clark
University in Worcester, Massachusetts.  Grayce (Harper) Alsterad's
[sic s/b Alsterda]
1978 work, William Card 1710-1785 with Ancestors and Descendants
was another valuable source of information.
     Daniel-3 Brigg's granddaughter had the unusual name of Almy
(Card) Goff.  Perhaps his wife, Lydia, or his mother, Ann, was
descended from another Rhode Island colonist, William Almy.

1.   Clement-1 Briggs was born in England and died at Weymouth,
Massachusetts probably in early 1650.  His will was executed in
Weymouth and probated in Boston 24 August 1650.  He married first
at Dorchester, Massachusetts before 1 March 1630 Joan Allen.  Joan
died before 1640 at Weymouth.  Clement married second before 1640
Elizabeth _____, she died at Weymouth; her will was made 11
November 1685 and probated at Boston 11 August 1691.
     In a deposition he made on 19 August 1638, Clement stated that
he was living on Bardmundsey Street in Southwark, England in 1616
with Mr. "Samuell Lathame."  By that time, he was already old
enough to be an apprentice fellsmonger or tanner.
     Clement Briggs arrived at Plymouth Colony as a single man in
November 1621 via the Fortune.  Lots were cast for these passengers
in 1623 and Clement received "1 acre beyond the first brooke to the
wood westward."  In 1627, he received "one of the four heyfers that
came on the Jacob called Raghorne,"; he shared this heifer with
twelve others.
     On 6 February 1631, Governor William Bradford of Plymouth
Colony wrote a letter to Governor John Winthrop of Massachusetts
Bay Colony that four men were moving to Wessaguscus (later
Weymouth) in Massachusetts Bay Colony: "now ther are diverce goone
from hence, to dwell and inhabite with you, as Clement Briggs John
Hill John Eedy, daniel ray, the which if either you or they desire
thir dismissions: we shall be redy to give them: hopeing you will
doe the like; in the like cases, though we have heard something
otherwise.  Thus with our Prayers to ye Lord for your prosperity,
as our owne, and our harty salutations unto you all we rest."
     Some have argued that Clement Briggs and the others who went
to Massachusetts were not of the original Pilgrim group and left
for religious reasons.  Another possibility is that Clement and the
others were granted land in Weymouth before the boundary was drawn
between the two colonies.  Clement, as a fellsmonger, may have
relocated to Weymouth in order to obtain the bark from a certain
species of oak tree used in the tanning process.
     On 1 March 1630/1, Constable Thomas Stoughton was fined L-5 by
Governor Winthrop for "taking upon him to marry Clem-t and Joan
Allen."  Stoughton had exceeded his authority and at that time, the
Governor received a fee of L-5 for performing marriage ceremonies.
     On 6 October 1634, Clement Briggs was fined ten shillings for
entertaining an Indian without permission.  On 6 march 1637/8 he
was bonded L-10 for his wife to appear in the next court because
Arthur Warren had been in her company; there is no evidence that
this was a moral charge against Joan.  Clement was found not guilty
of an extortion charge on 4 December 1638.
     On 8 October 1637 Clement exchanged four acres of land in
Plymouth for four acres of land on the "Joanes" River belonging to
John Browne of Plymouth.  Clement sold Robert Hicks one acre of
land in Plymouth on 29 August 1638.  Clement and Hicks had known
each other in England where they lived on the same street and both
were fellsmongers and passengers on the Fortune.  On 26 December
1651, Clement and 58 other men purchased land in Marshfield,
Massachusetts; he must have died soon thereafter.
     Clement's will was probated in Boston on 24 August 1650 and
witnessed by John Rogers and Robert Tucker.  The inventory of his
estate was valued at a little over L-65.

     The last will and Testiment of Clement Briggs of Waymouth
     in New England first, I give my soule to God (that) gave
     it.  it(em) I give my son Thomas my home lott at Plemouth
     20 acres by esteema(tion) and my biggest iron pott.
     It(em) I give to my son Jonathan 3 acres of my land
     joning to John ___es lands that is not break up an enter
     to it when hee is of the aige of 18 years and when he is
     of the aige of 21 years to have as much _____ 3 acres one
     4-th pt of all my land in Waymouth and after decess of my
     wiff it is my will hee shall have one 4-th pt more if
     shee dye not before hee bee of the aige of 21 years  But
     if shee should dye before Jonathan be 21 years ouild then
     it is my will it should be for the bringing up of my
     children  It(em) I give to my son Clemet my housing and
     the other half of my land in Waymouth and hee to enter to
     it when hee is of the aige of 21 years--if his mother--be
     decesed before, but if not then he should not have it
     tell after her decese--But if my wiff should die before
     Clemant be--21 year ouild it is my will the land should
     be for the bring(ing) up of my children.  it(em) I _____
     give my sons Thomas dauid John--Remem-2 my other Land at
     Plemouth (or in Plimouth Col) jointly and equaly amonst
     them.  It is my  will in one year thereafter Clemt do
     enter to the forsed land hee shall give his brother Remem
     20s--and John 10s and it is my will that Jonathan shall
     give 10s to his bro. dauid and to his bro. Thom. 10s in
     one year after he do enter to half my land and it is my
     will that my wiff shall be my Exequtrix it is also my
     will that degon Rogers and Robert Tucker should be my
     overseers in trust.

     In May 1652, the Widow Elizabeth Briggs was granted land at
Southampton, Long Island.  The lot owners of Southampton salvaged
usable whale parts whenever they washed up on the coast: "Squadrons
for cutting up whales that might drift upon the shores, 1653,
Widdow Briggs has one share."  She was granted 50 acres on 1
February 1655 in the Seabonac Division of 41 lots.  Apparently,
Elizabeth returned to Weymouth at some point, she is "of Weymouth"
in deeds of 1672 and 1684 and living there until her death, prior
to 11 August 1691.
     Elizabeth Briggs of Weymouth made her will the 13 of November
1683, as follows:  To her son David she gave L-10; to her
grandchild Clement Briggs L-15 at 21 yrs; to her son Remember
Briggs, the remainder of her estate; Stephen French, Ebenezer White
and Joseph Pitty to be overseers.  Codicil reads:  "Whereas my son
David is deceased since publishing this my last will, etc....  I
declare that the L-10 I gave him, my grandchild Clement Briggs
shall have."  Dated 11 November 1685; probated at Boston 11 August
1691.  (Suffolk Probate Records, 8:49)

     Children, by Joan Allen:

 2.     i.  Thomas-2, b. Weymouth, MA 14 June 1633; m. Ann _____.
       ii.  Jonathan, b. Weymouth, MA 14 June 1635; d. before 18
               Nov 1690; m. Taunton, MA Experience Harvey, dau. of
               William and Joane (Hucker) Harvey.
      iii.  John, b. 1637; d. probably before 1662.

     Children, by Elizabeth ______:

       iv.  David, b. 23 Aug 1640; d. after 13 Nov 1683 and before
               11 Nov 1685; m. Mary Barker.
        v.  Clement, b. Weymouth, MA 1 Jan 1642; d. Weymouth, MA
               7 Nov 1669 (Suffolk Probate Records, 7:2); m.
               Hannah Packer, dau. of Samuel Packer of Hingham and
               Bridgewater, MA, she may have m. (2) Thomas Randall
               of Easton (Packard Genealogy).  Administration of
               Clement's estate was granted on 19 Nov 1669 to
               Hannah and her father with William Chard of
               Weymouth as their surety (Suffolk Probate Records
               7:1); William Chard may have been a direct ancestor
               of the compiler.
                 Child, surname Briggs:  1. Clement, b. before
               1670; probably m. Bridgewater, MA 3 Nov 1697
               Elizabeth Field when he was of North Purchase.
       vi.  Remember, b. 8 Jan 1644; ; [m. (1) 15 Aug 1662 Rebecca
               Haskins]; m. (2?) Mary _____.  Information on
               Remember and his descendants was provided by Diana
               Kay (Smith) (Brumm) Perna of Minneapolis, MN from
               the research of her great-grandfather, Charles
               Augustus Briggs.
                 Children, maternity uncertain, surname Briggs:
               1. William, b. 21 Nov 1663; m. 13 July 1687
               Constant Lincoln, b. 16 May 1665; m. (2) 17 Oct
               1693 Elizabeth Lincoln, b. 24 April 1669.  2.
               Rebecca, b. 15 Aug 1665; m. 11 Feb 1691 Nathaniel
               Thayer.  3. Richard R., b. 7 April 1668; m. Mary
               Kingsbury, b. 19 July 1670.  4. John, b. 26 Feb
               1671; d. 29 June 1750; m. 29 May 1727 Mary Burt.
               5. Joseph, b. 15 June 1674; d. 18 Dec 1751; m.
               Mehitabel Hall.  6. Benjamin, b. Taunton, MA 15 Sep
               1677; d. Dighton, MA 1744; m. Sarah Allen, b. 2
               March 1679; ancestors of Charles Augustus Briggs.
               7. Richard 2-nd [sic], b. 12 Jan 1679; d. 1 Jan
               1733; m. 1706 Mercy Lincoln.  8. Hannah, b. 17 Feb
               1681; m. 17 April 1698 Samuel Waldron.  9. Samuel,
               b. 20 April 1683; m. Abigail Goodwin.  10. Mary, b.
               1 Jan 1686; m. 17 March 1706 Benjamin Caswell.  11.
               Mehitabel, b. 18 June 1688.

2.   Thomas-2 Briggs (Clement-1) was born at Weymouth,
Massachusetts 14 June 1633 and died at Taunton North Purchase,
Bristol County, Massachusetts 1 April 1696.  He married probably at
Taunton Ann _____ who died after 1707.
     On 7 June 1659, "150 Acres of land was granted Thomas, son of
Clement Briggs, deceased, and 20 acres of meddow if it bee had in
the place desired which is on the way from Deadum from Taunton
betwixt a pond & the Mill riuer which comes from Taunton, betwixt
Taunton and Massapauge Pond."  This grant was in the northeast part
of modern Mansfield, Massachusetts.
     Thomas Briggs killed a wolf on 20 May 1690 and another on 2
June 1691.  He was also a member of the Military Company of
     The estate of Thomas Briggs of North Purchase was sworn by
Samuel Briggs, his younger son and an inventory was taken on 1
April 1696; the two older sons had refused to participate.  On 5
May 1696 Thomas' three sons made an agreement by which Samuel was
to care for their aged mother Ann and land was given to their
sister, Susannah (Briggs) Cobb.  The widow Ann Briggs renounced her
dower on 26 August 1697.
     Ann outlived her son Samuel and she went to live with her
daughter, Susannah (Briggs) Cobb.  Samuel's widow, Mary, was
released from Samuel's obligation to care for Ann and she married
Benjamin Caswell.  On 2 September 1707, Ann and her son-in-law,
John Cobb, sold to Benjamin and Mary (Hall) (Briggs) Caswell "1/3
interest in land and dwellings for 10 pounds in open and money."

     Children, born in Taunton North Purchase:

        i.  Thomas-3, d. at E. Greenwich, RI about 1736; m. Martha
 3.    ii.  Daniel, b. at Taunton, N. Purchase, MA in 1665; m.
               Lydia _____.
      iii.  Samuel, d. at Norton, N. Purchase, MA; m. Taunton, MA
               27 July 1692 Mary Hall, b. 3 Oct 1672, dau. of
               Samuel and Elizabeth (White) Hall; she m. (2) 17
               March 1706/07 Benjamin Caswell, b. Taunton 1676.
       iv.  Susannah, m. John Cobb.

3.   Daniel-3 Briggs (Thomas-2, Clement-1) was born at Taunton
North Purchase, Massachusetts in 1665 and died at East Greenwich,
Rhode Island in 1728/30.  He married perhaps on Patience Island,
Rhode Island Lydia _____; she died before 1730.
     Like his father Thomas, Daniel was named as having killed a
wolf on 2 June 1691.  On 7 October 1702, Daniel Briggs of Patience
Island, Portsmouth, Rhode Island bought 90 acres in East Greenwich,
Rhode Island from Joseph Waight.  It was the 16th farm in the
second division.  This transaction was witnessed by James Reynolds
and John Heath.
     On 20 January 1708/9 Daniel Briggs of East Greenwich, yeoman,
signed his mark, D.B., to sell Joshua Davis share no. 3 of "boggey
meadow" in East Greenwich; this deed was witnessed by Anthony
Sadler and John Heath.  Daniel gave twelve acres of the northwest
corner of his farm to his son Benjamin for "love and affection" on
24 December 1717.


        i.  Benjamin-4, b. E. Greenwich, RI 5 May 1695; d. there
               25 Nov 1759; m. Susannah Spencer, daughter of
               Michael and Elizabeth (_____) Spencer.
       ii.  Hannah, m. Joseph Gardner, b. ca. 1671; d. after 1733;
               son of George and Tabitha (Tefft) Gardner; resided
               at East Greenich, RI; their descendants moved to
               Pownal, VT.
      iii.  Martha, b. 27 Dec 1708; m. 28 May 1719 Samuel Spencer,
               son of Michael and Elizabeth (_____) Spencer.
       iv.  Deliverance, m. 28 Oct 1732 Seth Jones, b. 18 March
               1710, son of Jeremiah and Mary (Reynolds) Jones.
 *      v.  Mercy, m. at E. Greenwich, RI 13 June 1733 William-4
               Card (Peleg-3, James-2, Richard-1), b. N. Kingston,
               RI about 1710, d. Pownal, VT in 1784/5, son of
               Peleg-3 and Rebecca (Dolover) Card.  See Richard
               Card of Newport, Rhode Island for more information.
As reported by, and different presentation of descendants at: "Margin Family Tree" - The Briggs Family

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