Neal's Genealogy Page

Read Me First - Update May, 2016

New Web Host :

After many decades of hosting this website on personal web pages at Comcast (see sordid story following), my site has moved, at least for now, to a new host at . The former site had been backed up by the "Wayback Machine" , most recently in October of 2015 where it will (hopefully) remain available forever if the need should ever arise. Search there using this URL:
to get started. Make a note of this URL for reference. At some future time, I expect this replacement site will be archived there as well as:
and will eventually be picked up by the search engines.

This site is hosted by the free pages at which has proven to be an effective and reliable host for my companion website Lincoln County, Missouri Marriages . As of May, 2016 the new site does occasionally appear in Google search results but not nearly as highly ranked as before, sometimes not at all, but slowly creeping up. Again. Takes time.

The Sordid Comcast Saga

After many years of hosting personal webpages for already overcharged subscribers, effective October 15, 2015 the Wicked Weasels of Comcast discontinued and deleted all users' personal webpages. Like they are not charging us enough for their lousy "service" already and need to cut some trivial costs. So all these webpages will disappear from that host and under this URL. That is an especially unfortunate situation as the search engines now rank them at the top for respective content searches, hopefully helping individuals research their family history. I will be looking to put them on a new host under a new URL which I will post here. Unfortunately, it will take a LONG time for the search engines to pick them up again. On the positive side, the pages have been saved at ("Wayback Machine") where they will remain available forever. Search there on:
to get started.

For now, my email will remain the same so I can be contacted for the new URL when the time comes. Thanks, Comcast.