Neal's Genealogy Page

Read This First! - Replacement Web Host - Update March 2020 :

You may have landed on the OLD website through a google search!

My website has had to move, once again, and is now resident at (Sorry for the following rant that is long-winded, but this needs to be said.) After many decades of hosting this website on personal web pages at Comcast and paying exorbitant fees, they pulled the plug on personal websites. That website host is now extinct. (Full sordid Comcast story follows later.) I had moved my site to a different host at Awardspace ( since it was highly recommended in various reviews. However, after a couple months I discovered to my shock and dismay that pages were not working. It looked like about one third of them were getting 403's - "Forbidden." I was told by them that these allegedly violated their terms of service. But they will not tell me why. It's their secret. They scan the pages and have a secret list of words and criteria they use to censor pages. Forbidden keywords, but they would not tell me what they were. Their list is secret. Here we are talking about innocous genealogy pages. I also found that their data center is actually in Bulgaria! I had thought it was in Germany. I am noting this here because remnants of my site remain there and may still pop up in Google searches.

I have now moved my site to a new host at in August 2019. All pages appear to be present and working.

The former site at Comcast had been backed up by the "Wayback Machine" , most recently in October of 2015 where it will (hopefully) remain available forever if the need should ever arise. Search there using this URL:
to get started. Make a note of this URL for reference in case this site disappears. I do not know if the replacement awardspace site will be archived there as well, but it would likely be piecemeal.

My companion website Lincoln County, Missouri Marriages will remain there for now. These people were in Germany, now Bulgaria, so I was never all that comfortable with them anyway. They are outrageous and to be AVOIDED!

The Sordid Comcast Saga

After many years of hosting personal webpages for already overcharged subscribers, effective October 15, 2015 the Conniving Corporate Drones of Comcast discontinued and deleted all users' personal webpages. Like they are not charging us enough for their lousy "service" already and need to cut some trivial costs. So all these webpages will disappear from that host and under this URL. That is an especially unfortunate situation as the search engines now rank them at the top for respective content searches, hopefully helping individuals research their family history. I will be looking to put them on a new host under a new URL which I will post here. Unfortunately, it will take a LONG time for the search engines to pick them up again. On the positive side, the pages have been saved at ("Wayback Machine") where they will remain available forever. Search there on:
to get started.

For now, my email will remain the same so I can be contacted for the new URL when the time comes. Thanks, Comcast.