Notes for Beginners

The following are some brief notes and sources for beginners just starting genealogy research. Many books have been written for beginning genealogy researchers and various ones are available at local public libraries. There are also many excellent (and free!) resources on the internet to help beginners get started including a number of narrative introductions and tutorials. Just a few of them are listed following and more can be found through a Google search. This quick sheet is not a substitute for those more extensive tutorials. There are also now a plethora of blogs and newsletters that contain suggestions, help and tips for the beginners. Those are too numerous and varied to list here and are of most benefit to those who have had some initial experience.

Following are just a few initial getting started tips that probably should have further explanation, but I don't have time right now.

Advice (Free!)

Free (!) advice for beginners

So, the best place to begin genealogical research is at home. Document what you do know, go through old family materials and talk to other family members, especially the elderly.

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