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This page contains general information about Missouri cemeteries and notes about miscellaneous cemeteries where my relatives are buried other than those in Lincoln County and Pike County which have separate pages. These two counties have been the focus of my research. From time to time I may add general information of interest about Missouri cemeteries as I come across it. One larger topic addresses laws concerning cemeteries in Missouri, following.

A project to photograph headstones in Missouri has been established. See The Missouri Gravestone Project This project functions independently of Find-A-Grave

A website called "Look To The Past" contained a variety of genealogical data concerning cemeteries and other topics in Missouri by county, including original data and links to external data. A most helpful site. It was apparently the personal project of one individual, Johnna Quick, free to use and unfortunately disappeared from the web between November 2015 and May 2016. An apparent full copy has been saved at Archive.org which can be accessed beginning with the home page of the most recent capture from October 2015 at Look To The Past Archived Navigation links work within the archive.org website and most, if not all, pages appear to have been preserved.

Missouri Cemetery Laws

For full-frame version: Missouri Cemetery Laws

Hickory County, Missouri Cemeteries

Parke [Family] Cemetery

Photos and transcription of The Parke [Family] Cemetery at Hickory County, Missouri where Perry Parke (1792-1866) and Nancy Wilson (1793-1858) are buried. It is located near the Butcher Church. Directions: One half mile south of Hwy T on County Road 71, south of Quincy. The cemetery is on the left hand side of the road about 100 feet in the middle of a hay field. (direct link to display following window fullsize). The following description and photos for this cemetery had been located at a website called looktothepast.com. This website disappeared from the web between November 2015 and May 2016. Fortunately, it was captured in with photos by Archive.org. The following embedded frame is my reconstruction:

For full screen version here: Parke [Family] Cemetery
For full screen version via Archive.org: Parke [Family] Cemetery via Archive.org

Parke [Family] Cemetery at Findagrave

Fairview Butcher Cemetery

Many of the Parke family buried at Fairview Butcher Cemetery in Hickory County, Missouri

The description and photos for this cemetery had been located at a website called looktothepast.com. This website disappeared between October 2015 and May 2016. Fortunately, it was captured by Archive.org: The following embedded frame is my reconstruction:

For full screen version here: Fairview Butcher Cemetery
For full screen version at Archive.org: Fairview Butcher Cemetery via Archive.org

Fairview Butcher Cemetery at Findagrave

Montgomery County, Missouri Cemeteries

Gregory Cemetery

Gregory Cemetery is reportedly in poor, abandoned condition. It is the burial location of James M. C. Smith (1825-1892) (per transcription) and Mary Ann Katherine Walton Smith (1836-1927) (reported only, prob. not correct). He was son of Levi Smith (1797-1851) and unknown first wife.

St. Louis County, Missouri Cemeteries

Note about townships:

The original townships of St. Louis County have been subdivided over the years. So, historical references to a township location of a cemetery may have been supserceded. The actual historical boundaries can be seen on a black/white 1883 St. Louis Township Map published in the "History of St. Louis City and County", by J. Thomas Scharf.

Current townships: 1995 St. Louis Township Map (PDF) Another version: St. Louis Townships Overall and Detail Maps Modern (2006) Townships are reasonably drawn, but some odd shapes, slices and segments do hint at some gerrymandering.

Fee Fee Cemetery

Fee Fee Baptist Cemetery Fee Fee Baptist Church Cemetery
Fee Fee Church Cemetery

The Fee Fee Cemetery (aka Fee Fee Baptist Cemetery, Fee Fee Baptist Church Cemetery or Fee Fee Church Cemetery) is located (2006 jurisdiction) in Bridgeton, St. Louis County, Missouri. Although typically associated with the Fee Fee Baptist Church, the cemetery was originally shared by the Baptist, Methodist and Presbyterian congregations. In the early days, the meeting house was shared by those groups also. The Patton's were organizing founders of the Mizpah Presybterian Church.

The Cemetery is located in what was "old," historical St. Ferdinand Township and now (2006) Airport Township. (St. Ferdinand Township has been subdivided and now is a much smaller entity now (2006) bordering the Mississippi River.) The Fee Fee Cemetery, on the south side of Old St. Charles Road is in Airport Township, as is the St. Louis Lambert Airport itself. The old location of Pattonville, north of Old St. Charles Road is in Northwest Township. See Airport Township and Northwest Township

Address is:

Fee Fee Cemetery Association
11210 Old Saint Charles Road
Bridgeton, Missouri 63044

The cemetery is located just west of the intersection of Lindbergh Blvd. and Old Saint Charles Road at Fee Fee Road and Old Saint Charles Road. Note that this is Old Saint Charles Road which is about mile South of St. Charles Rock Road, which is a major through-street and is just south of I-70. The cemetery is kitty-cornered from the Westfield/Northwest Shopping Center and just south of the St. Louis Lambert Airport. About one mile south of the junction of I-70 and Lindbergh Blvd. The Fee Fee Baptist Church is located on St. Charles Rock Road just west of Lindbergh Blvd., before Fee Fee Road.

The modern address of the cemetery is in Bridgeton, Missouri but historically its address may be found as Pattonville. St. Louis Genealogical Soc. webpage gives loc. as St. Ann. Pattonville was an early settlement, still shown on some maps, but is (apparently) no longer a legal muncipal jurisdiction. It is, however, used to designate a large consolidated school district of the area including Bridgeton and St. Ann.

See also History of the Fee Fee Baptist Church which gives a general history of the area and the church.

See also Fee Fee Cemetery @ SatelliteViews.net (Red pointer is slightly off, but you can actually see individual gravestones on the closest-in zoom.)

The History of St. Louis County, Missouri (Thomas, 1911) describes the histories of the early townships, including St. Ferdinand, as well as the early churches, including Fee Fee Baptist, and cemeteries, including Fee Fee Cemetery. (TBA).

Map of location: Fee Fee Baptist Church location or Interactive Yahoo Map

Burials have been transcribed and published ... (TBA). Burial records were destroyed in a fire in the 1950's; the only information available prior is based on tombstone readings taken in the early 1960's. It is estimated there may be about 1,000 unmarked, now unknown, graves.

Following burials of ONLY related and allied family, no particular order, to be re-arranged:

     INFANT             14735   McClure,James Henry-14735
     Mar 1897           15118   McClure,Mary "Mollie"-15118
     - Brother and sister; she 1847-1897, 1st cousin of Ellen A. Smith Shuck

     Nov 1890           14734   McClure,Samuel-14734
     Jun 1876           14733   Patton,Elizabeth-14733

     Sep 1851           14807   Patton,James (A.)-14807
     Jul 1847           14829   McInteer,Agnes (Agatha)-14829

  23 Apr 1919           11763   Smith,Daniel Morgan-11763
     Mar 1941           15345   (Smith),Ida B. "Hattie" [Mrs.]-15345

     Apr 1851           10928   Smith,Levi-10928
  27 Aug 1873                   Smith,Laura (age 23 or 33 yrs/4m/24d)

     Nov 1933           15165   Hisle,Thomas Eldridge-15165
  20 Jun 1918           15119   McClure,Sarah-15119

     Jan 1872           15061   Patton,Elliott W.-15061

         1908           15156   Vaughan,Helen A.-15156
  29 Oct 1919           15159   Vaughan,James W.-15159
     -- Helen and James were brother/sister

     Nov 1907           14939   Vaughan,William Russell-14939
     Dec 1888           14895   Patton,Harriet Newel-14895
         1853           15161   Vaughan,Thomas E.-15161
  22 Sep 1915           15113   DAVIS Vaughan,Gertrude "Gertie"-15113

     Sep 1938           15162   Vaughan,John Wesley [M.D.]-15162
                                Vaughan-Walsh, Virginia W. Bessie R15163

     Jul 1928           12551   Blackorby,Abner V.-12551
                                Blackorby-Stewart, Mildred ?

     Jun 1851           14265   Walton,James B.-14265
     Jul 1861           14281   Musick,Isabella-14281

     Apr 1843           14280   Hawkins,William-14280
     Aug 1851           14261   Walton,Nancy-14261

     Jan 1831           14275   Walton-Clary,Elizabeth-14275
     - w/o George Walton

     Apr 1826           14254   Walton,William-14254
         1838           14256   Hunt,Mary-14256

         1825           19688   Musick,Delilah-19688
                                Musick, David-19671

     MO,St. Louis Co.,Fee Fee Cemetery (probably)
                        19679   Musick-Whiteside,Prudence-19679
    - wife of David Musick

Somewhere, I picked up that Elizabeth Jane (Patterson) Patton (1834-1927), wife of the above Elliott Patton (1823-1872), was also buried at Fee Fee Cemetery. From my visit to Fee Fee Cemetery in September, 2006, the inscription on Elliott Patton's (1823-1872) stone only takes half the available space; the other half is blank. Subsequently, I found her death certificate where she died at Braymer, Caldwell County, Missouri and was buried at the Graceland Cemetery in Cameron, Clinton County, Missouri, presumably near her daughter, Mary Belle Patton Easterday Toland (1858/9-1949), who resided in Braymer and was the informant.

Bridgeton Memorial Park

The Bridgeton Memorial Park was the site of early burials in the Fee Fee (now Bridgeton) area and was located on Long Road, west of St. Louis Lambert Airport. Burials from 1843-1963. Gravestones were removed "through error and misunderstanding" in the early 1960's and it was given the name "Memorial Park" with a large memorial stone erected in the center. From 2002 to Fall 2003, its 1.3 acres of ground were relocated to St. Ferdinand Cemetery in Florissant, Missouri to accommodate expansion of the airport. See Bridgeton Memorial Park Cemetery for names and pictures of the original site prior to relocation. See Bridgeton Memorial Park Cemetery "Descendants sought ..." for names of residents in text from 2000 posting.

Cold Water Cemetery
aka Cold Water Creek Cemetery

Oldest Protestant Cemetery West of the Mississippi

Located off Old Halls Ferry, Florissant, Missouri. Black Jack, St. Ferdinand Township.

No known relatives buried here but early settlers include Jamison, Hubbard and Patterson. Patterson's came from Anderson Co., South Carolina. Elizabeth Jane Patterson (1833-1927) married 14 Feb 1855 at St. Louis Co. to Elliott W. Patton (1823-1872); both buried Fee Fee Cemetery. See Cold Water Cemetery


The Bellefontaine Cemetery is located within the City of St. Louis and is huge: 10+ acres with many notables buried there.

  • 4947 W. Florissant Ave.
  • St. Louis MO 63115
  • 314-381-0750
  • Lat: 38d14'32"N, Lon: 90d13'48"W

    Calvary Avenue & Florissant Avenue Different from Bellefontaine Methodist Cemetery - North County. Some relatives buried there: Mary A. Patton (1822/1823-1870), her husband Robert Street (1802/1803-1859) and Street descendants. She d/o James A. Patton (1787-1851) and Agatha McInteer (1789-1847).

    St. Louis Archdiocese Cemeteries

    St. Louis Archdiocese Cemeteries - Main Page

    Burial records online and searchable. Excellent, informative website.

    St. Ferdinand

    Est. 1875, 35 acres, 2286 interments (6/30/2002) St. Louis Archdiocese Cemeteries - St. Ferdinand

    The current St. Ferdinand Cemetery is known as the "New" St. Ferdinand Cemetery which replaced the "Old" St. Ferdinand Cemetery, whose graves were relocated to the "New" Cemetery.

    By 1874 St. Ferdinand's Cemetery ["Old"] was full. So the Parish Council acquired 35 acres on Coldwater Creek, a mile south of the village, where they laid out New St. Ferdinand's Cemetery. In 1876 the old cemetery was closed to burials and removals to the new cemetery began. Removals proceeded slowly and caused some embarrassment when caskets were uncovered during street widening projects.

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