Underwood Family Notes

Joseph Underwood (abt1614-1676/7) of Watertown, Massachusetts

The purpose of this page is to record research performed in connection with the origin, family and descendants of Joseph Underwood (born abt 1614 England, died 16 FEB 1676/1677 Massachusetts) who came to America in 1637 and founded the Watertown, Massachusetts branch.

The authoritative history for the family is The Underwood Families of America; Underwood, Lucien Marcus, 1853-1907 and Banker, Howard James 1866-, ed.; Lancaster, Pa., Press of the New era printing company; 1913; 809p; LCCN: 14-4210. The original publication was printed in two volumes, v1.: pages 1-400, v2.: pages 401-809. Various hardcopy reprints of this book have been produced over the years. Reprints of this book are available through Higginson Books for $119.50 (softcover, 809p., one volume) (as of July 2014). Much of the family data has been placed in AWT/Rootsweb WorldConnect user databases. In January of 2011 I found this book had been scanned and posted for free at archive.org, apparently from the original 1913 edition. It can be read online or downloaded in various electronic formats. It appears that the edition was printed single-sided, so PDF page count will be double the numbered page count. The "text" version was mechanically OCR'd, so there will be errors, but it is helpful for text search and to load on memory-constrained devices. See:

I am not aware of any substantial additions, updates or corrections to the 1913 work, exclusive of availability of further lines of descendants. At least anything proven. I am not aware of any significant attempts to research the origins in England. Consequently. this section will consist of mostly random bits of information as found.

It has been reported that Joseph Underwood (abt1614-1676/7) was born about 1615 in London. No proof is known by me. It has been reported that he was the son of John and Rachel (Edwards) Underwood, and a grandson of Joseph Underwood, of Dorchester, England. No proof. He was in America by 1637. (need citation).

1637; On record in Hingham, Massachusetts. He and his brother Thomas came over, and when land became available in Watertown, probably after the Rev Hooker left with his contingent for Connecticut, they removed from Hingham to Watertown about 1645. (New Englanders in Nova Scotia - F. F. Crowell) (need full citation and text quote).
Joseph Underwood died in Watertown, Feb. 16, 1676, aged about 62 years. Good wife Underwood `dyed the 28, 11 mo 1667.'

The 1667 will of Thomas Underwood seems to clearly support that he was the brother of Joseph. The "Couson"'s named are actually nieces and nephews, children of Joseph. They are (in order named): Joseph, Mary, Martha, Hannah, Elizabeth, Sarah and Thomas.

Documentation of my own line in The Underwood Families in America ends on pages 39-40 with:

52. Bennett Underwood of -----, (son of Thaddeus 48) b. 17 April, 1807, at Marlboro, Vt.; m. about 1835, Resta Ann Goodell. Nothing further is known about him.

Bennett Underwood was born 17 April 1809 at Marlboro, Windham County, Vermont, son of Thaddeus Underwood (1760-1840) and Mary Farr (1766-1842); died 18 March 1877 at Ashley, Stearns County, Minnesota; buried March 1877 at Ashley Cemetery, Ashley (near), Stearns County, Minnesota (unmarked). He married about 1830 to Resta Ann Goodell (1808-1849). Four children: Mary Jane (Henderson) (1835-1897), Maria Fanny (Light, Hargrave) (1836-1898), John Kinney (1840-1914), Etta Miranda (Gardner) (1841-1919). He married second 25 November 1851 at Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin to Mrs. Lenora (Lioona or Livonia) Downs (est 1815-1860/1867). One son: Roswell (1853/4-1890/1895). Bennett married third 26 September 1867 at Blue Earth County, Minnesota to Mrs. Loriana Hollister. No children. Resta Ann Goodell was born 4 March 1808 at Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont, daughter of Joseph Goodell (1761-1815) and Lucy (King) Goodell (1767-1856); died August 1849 at Pickett, Winnebago County, Wisconsin; buried Liberty Prairie Cemetery, Pickett, Winnebago County, Wisconsin (gravestone exists).

Data etc.

From Bond's Watertown

MARTIN UNDERWOOD, aged 38, wife MARTHA, aged 31, embarked at Ipswich for N. Eng., Ap., 1634; settled in Wat., and he was adm. freeman, Sept. 3, 1634. His wife Martha, b. 1603, was a sister of Nathan Fiske, Sr., q. v. He d. Nov. 17, 1672, s. p. By his Will
, dated Aug. 23, 1663, proved Dec. 10, 1672, he gave the use of his estate to his wife, and after her decease, gave it all to his cousin (nephew) Nathan Fiske, Jr. [N. Fiske, 6], and after his a., to his brother John Fiske. [N. Fiske, 3.] To his sister's
children, if they came over from England, 20«. each. After his decease, his widow lived with her brother, N. Fiske. She d. May 6, 1684, aged 82.
THOMAS UNDERWOOD, adm. freeman. Mar. 9, 1636-7; Rep. of Hingham, 1636 and '48; moved to Wat., of which he was Selectman, 1656. His Will, dated Feb. 15, 1667-8, proved Ap. 7,1668, mentions wife MAGDALEN, to whom he gave the use of his estate; to Thomas Und
erwood (son of his brother Joseph), then living with him, after the d. of his wife, all his real estate, except 10 acres bought of Charles Stearns; legacies to brother Joseph, and to cousins (nephews and nieces) Joseph, Mary, Martha, Hannah, Elizabeth, an
d Sarah Underwood. Inventory, real estate, JE214. 4.; total, £334. 13. 6. His wid. Magdalen d. Ap. 10, 1687, aged 80. Her Will, dated May 29, 1686, mentions kinsman John Gibson, and his wife Hannah, dr.-in-law (step-dr.) Hannah Underwood, and my kinswoman
 Mehitabel (Dimick) Child.
JOSEPH UNDERWOOD, brother of Thomas; proprietor of Hingham, 1637, afterwards of Wat.; adm. freeman, May, 1645. [He was nearly if not exactly of the same age as that Joseph Underwood, who embarked at London, 1635, for Virginia.] He d. prior to 1677. On the
 files of Court is a writing concerning his estate and naming his children, viz.: Joseph, Sarah, Hannah, Elizabeth, Thomas, and Martha.
1. JOSEPH, b. 1650; adm. freeman, Ap. 18, 1690. Will, dated Feb. 16, 1690-1, proved Ap. 7, 1691, mentions wife, and sons John, Joseph, Jonathan, Joshua: drs. Mary, Hannah, and Elizabeth. Inventory, Mar. 24, 1691, £304. 10.6.; wid. ELIZABETH admin. Chil.,
1. John, b. Mar. 6, 1676-7; m., Nov. 19, 1701, Rebecca Shatluck. [21.] Chil., 1. John, b. July 10, 1704. 2. Rebecca, b. Mar. 22, 1706-7. He had a reputed son. Jonathan, by A. F., b. Ap. 7, 1714. About this time he moved to Charlestown.
2. Elizabeth, b. May 8, 1679. 3. Joseph, b. May 28, 1681.
4. Joshua, b. Jan. 31, 1682-3; of Sherburne. [See Barry, 427.]
5. Sarah (? by wife Mary), b. Feb. 9, 1687.
6. Hannah, bap. Ap. 13, 1690.
2. SARAH. 3. MARV, m., May 18, 1670. ISAAC ONO. 4. MARTHA.
5. HANNAH, m., Oct. 14, 1680, JOHN GIBSON, q. v.
6. ELIZABETH, (?) m.. Sept. 13, 1693, WILLIAM BULL.
7. THOMAS. His Will, dated July 19, 1679. proved Oct. 5, 1680, Inventory, Oct. 2, 1680, gave all his property to wife MAGDALEN [who had had another husband], except some movables to son Thomas.
1. Thomas, (?) adm. f. c. Mar. 1, 1690-1; d. June 17. 1691; m., Nov. 19.
1679, Mary Palmer. Chil.,
     1. Thomas, b. Oct. 20, 1680. 2. Mary, b. June 5, 1682.
    3. Elizabeth, b. Aug. 13, 1684; ra., Mar. 25, 1709, Jonathan Hewes
"both of Camb." .
   4. Jonathan, b. Aug. 18, 1686; "of Camb." (Lex.); ra., Nov. 17, 1709,
Ruth Holland [4], and settled in Lex. 		
   5. Abigail, b. Mar. 26, 1688. 6. Martha, b. June 30, 1689.
   7. Thomas, b. June 3, 1691.
JAMES UNDERWOOD, son of Ruth, (?) bap. in Wat., May 2, 1732.
LUCY UNDERWOOD and CALEB CHILD [92], both of Weston, ra., May 29, 1744.
SAMUEL UNDERWOOD and MARY KNAPP, both of Walthara, m.. Oct. 21, 1741, and
settled in Fram. [Barry, 426.] JONATHAN UNDERWOOD, of Waltham, and SARAH PARKER, of Needhara, m., April
12, 1749.
JOSEPH UNDERWOOD and ANNA BAKER, both of Waltham, m., Feb. 26, 1744, and settled in Lex. She d. May 30, 1749, and he m., in Lex., Jan. 4, 1750, EUNICE SMITH. [102] He d. in Lex., Ap. 25, 1760. Chil.,
1. Samuel, b. Nov. 21, 1747.
2. Joseph, b. Ap. 30, 1749; m., Mar. 21, 1771, Mary Munroe.
(By 2d wife.)
3. Eunice, b. Dec. 10, 1751. 4. Nathan, b. Aug. 3, 1753. 5. Bettee, b. Aug. 16, 1755. 6. Anna, b. May 22, 1757. 7. Sarah, b. Mar. 25, 1759.
JONATHAN and LYDIA UNDERWOOD, of Weston, had, 1. Sarah, b. May 27, 1762. 2.
Mary, b. Aug. 25, 1764. 3. Samuel, A. Oct. 4, 1776. Wife LYDIA, d. Ap. 9,
1766, and he m., Sept. 16, 1766, EUNICE GROUT, of Sud. JONATHAN UNDERWOOD, Jr. of Weston, m., Feb. 3, 1780, MARY REVERE, of Sud. LYDIA UNDERWOOD and THOMAS PEIRCE, Jr. [731. m. (pub. in Weston, Nov. 24),
REUBEN UNDERWOOD, m., in Weston, Nov. 2, 1773, EUNICE LIVERMORE. [81-1.] HANNAH UNDERWOOD and NATHANIEL LEARNED, both of Camb., m., in Wat., April 15, 1781.
JOSHUA UNDERWOOD, m., in Wat., Sept. 6, 1795, HANNAH NUTTING [7-1], and had
Joshua, b. Jan. 15, 1796. Rev. NATHAN UNDERWOOD, of Harwich, grad. Harv. Coll., 1788; m., Sept. 26, 1793,
SUSANNA LAWRENCE, of Waltham. [51.] SIMEON UNDERWOOD and HEPZIBAH BELLOWS, both of Waltham, m., May 20, 1804. JOSEPH UNDERWOOD, of Lex., and Mrs. MARY HAMMOND, of Waltham, m., Nov.
29, 1804.
HANNAH UNDERWOOD, of Wat., m., Mar. 19, 1687-8, WM. SHATTUCK, Jr. [13.]

Bond, History of Watertown (cite TBC); Pages 610-611; Google scaned version PDF pages 665-66


Misc. Updates

Misc. Information

History of Windham County Vermont







a soldier of the French war; captured by the Indians and taken to Canada; redeemed and returned home ; renewed his services, again taken prisoner, and again redeemed. He removed his family to Marlboro, 1782, having bought out William Mather, where he liv ed, and died Aug. 1, 1803, aged 80. He married Hannah, dau. of Jona. Underwood of Suffield, Ct."


"Jona Underwood m. Hannah Rich­ardson and moved from Suffield, Ct. to Marlboro in 1776. He died Oct. 1, 1794, age 79. She died Mar. 6, 1813, age 95.

Children: Jona. Underwood jr., married Deborah, daughter of Isaac Morgan, who was from Brinfield, Mass., and with her parents came to Marlboro. At the time of her wedding the snow was very deep and she with her bridegroom and another couple went several miles through the woods on show shoes to Col. Granger's where they were married. They had 9 children. He died Dec. 1801. She married second, Benjamin Lee of Vernon, Mar. 1815. After Mr. Lee's death she returned to Marlboro, and died, Jan. 18, 1830. Children by first marriage 9. Thaddeus, son of Jona. born in Suffield, Ct., came with his parents to Marlboro, at the age of 16 he married Mary Farr of Boylston, Mass., settled on the homestead where he lived, and died Sept. 1840, age 80. His widow died in Westminister; children, 10. Phineas Underwood and Sabra, early settlers, removed after a few years."




"Prepared by Mrs. Jay Stark, 1978; updated by Charles Marchant Townshend, VT 1988

The data entered here was copied from the above transcription which is on typewritten pages located in the Marlboro Town Clerk's office. Note: The cemetery numbers in the list below do not match the order of the cemeteries detailed below the list. This li sting along with a map of the area with location of cemeteries may be found in Burial Grounds of Vermont published by the Vermont Old Cemetery Association (VOCA), 1991."

Junction of Vt. 9 and Village Road

UNDERWOOD, Thaddeus Sept. 8, 1840, 80 yrs.
UNDERWOOD, Samuel C. Aug. 24, 1820, 2 yrs. son of Thaddeus & Orpha? Underwood

FS-IGI online:

"PHINEHAS UNDERWOOD [married] SABRA OWEN 27 MAY 1779 [at] Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut" "Record submitted after 1991 by a member of the LDS Church. No additional information is available."

"Local History of Marlborough, Vermont. ...

This selection was taken from the book "Local History of Marlborough, Vermont.
UNDERWOOD, Jonathan, m. Hannah Richardson, and moved
from Suffield, Conn., to Marlborough, about the year
1776. He d. Oct. 1, 1794, aged 79. His widow d. March
26, 1813, aged 95. Children: Jonathan, Jr.; Hannah, who
m. Samuel Hildreth, of Chesterfield, N. H.; Susannah,
who m. Simeon Adams, of Suffield, Conn.; John-M.
settled on the Thaddeus Underwood farm, near the burying
ground, and had two children, Hannah and Joel, perhaps
more, in Marlborough, and d. in Marlborough, Feb. 7,
1816, aged 63; Samuel; Thaddeus.

This was taken from the book "Local Hisotry of Marlborough, Vermont".

UNDERWOOD, Jonathan, Jr. (s. of Jonathan), m. Deborah, dau.
of Isaac Morgan, March, 1777. She came from Brimfield,
Mass., and with her parents settled on the farm owned
by the late Martin Winchester. At the time of their wedding,
the snow was very deep, and they, with another couple
went several miles through the woods on snow shoes to
Col. Granger's, where they were married. They had 9
children. He d. Dec. 21, 1801. (His widow m. Benjamin
Lee, of Vernon, March 7, 1815. After Mr. Lee's death, she
returned to Marlborough, and d. Jan. 18, 1830. She had
no children by her second marriage.) Children: Oliver,
b. April 4, 1779; Polly, b. Oct. 30, 1781, m. Jonathan
Ingram, Jr., s. of Jonathan, Aug. 25, 1802; David, b. Feb.
12, 1783, d. Nov. 15, 1802, aged 19; Jonathan, Jr., b. Aug.
12, 1784; Deborah, b. April 22, 1787; Roxy, b. July 2,
1788; Erastus, b. April 5, 1791; Lucinda, b. July 5, 1793;
James, b. Dec. 17, 1795.

This selection taken from the book "Local History of Marlborough, Vermont".
UNDERWOOD, Thaddeus (s. of Jonathan), was b. in Suffield,
Conn., and came with his parents to Marlborough at the
age of 16. He m. Mary, dau. of Daniel Farr, of Boylston,
Mass., and settled on the homestead, where he lived and
died. The farm is now owned by L. C. Adams. He d.
Sept. 8, 1840, aged 80. She went to live with her son
Samuel, in Westminster, where she d. Children: Arethusa,
b. May 5, 1789, m. Moody Tenny, and lives in Westminster;
Samuel, b. Dec. 27, 1790, m. Orfa, dau. of Deacon Nehemiah
Fisher; Thaddeus, Jr., b. March 14, 1792, m. Phebe, dau.
of Jesse Joy, Feb. 8, 1816; Luna, b. Feb. 16, 1794, m.
Joseph Colburn, of Langdon, N. H., June 27, 1816; Lewis,
b. Jan. 8, 1796, lives in Adams, Mass.; Gratia, b. Dec. 31,
1797, m. Mr. Goodale, from whom she has been separated
by divorce; Richardson, b. Feb. 3, 1799; Fanny, b. Aug.
5, 1801, m. Simon Phillips, of Newfane; Bennet, d. Feb.
27, 1806, aged 8 mos.; Bennet, b. April 17, 1807; Ozri,
b. July 24, 1809, had his name changed by an act of the
Legislature of Mass., in 1837 (p. 249, Sess. Laws), to Henry-
Robert-Vaille, was a graduate of Williams College of the
class of 1835, m. Ann, dau. of Rev. Benjamin-H. Pitman,
and settled a physician in Springfield, Mass. Wid. Sarah
Farr d. July 11, 1792, aged 63.

From Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs: A Record of Achievements of ...

The following selection is from Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs: A Record of Achievements of ... by Cuyler Reynolds (Lewis Historical Publishing Company; New York; 1911; 484pp.) page 428. This book is available in full on Google Books at Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs and can be downloaded in full as a PDF file (very long underlying URL): Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs (PDF download) I am only including it here because it exists and shows up on a Google search for Underwood family where other researchers may find it. I compared it to my pre-existing information and find numerous differences. But there are also a lot of exact matches of names and dates which gives it some potential credibility. Naturally, no primary source citations are included. I do not currently have time to either document the differences or research them. So this is presented here, for now, ASIS with the warning reader beware. Note, in particular, that this text here is the apparent result of Google's OCR conversion, so there may be OCT errors. Note also that other publications give different versions of the children of Oliver Underwood.

The Underwood families of America, who claim descent from pre-revolutionary ancestors, descend from one of the following: 1. Joseph Underwood, see forward. 2. William Underwood, of Concord, Massachusetts. 3. Henry Underwood, settled in or near Newport, Rhode Island, about 1665. 4. William Thomas Underwood, settled in Virginia about the middle of the seventeenth century. 5. Alexander Underwood, settled in Maryland about the same time that settlement was made in Virginia. These were five of seven brothers who came to America together, Joseph being the ancestor of the branch here under consideration.

(I) Joseph Underwood left London, England, for Virginia in 1635; afterward removed to Waterbury, Massachusetts; was one of the proprietors of Hingham, Massachusetts, in 1637; was admitted freeman at Watertown in 1645; died there prior to 1677. He had a br other whose wife was named Magdalene. His will, dated February 15, 1658, left his real estate to his wife, Magdalene, and to Thomas, son of his brother, who was then living with them. Thomas also left legacies to his brother Joseph, and to his nephews and nieces, children of Joseph Underwood. Joseph Underwood married (first), 1645, Mary , who died February 13, 1658; married (second) April 29. 1662, Mary Howe, of Dorchester, Massachusetts. Children: Joseph, see forward, Sarah, Anna, Elizabeth, Thomas, Martha.

(II) Joseph (2), son of Joseph (1) and Mary Underwood, was born in Watertown, Massachusetts, 1650, died 1691. He married, in 1673, Elizabeth . Children: 1.

Mary, born in Watertown, Massachusetts, 1673. 2. Joseph, Watertown, 1675. 3. John, Watertown. 1677, settled in Charleston. 4. Elizabeth, Watertown, 1679, married Nathaniel Cutler. 5. Joseph, see forward. 6. Johanna, Redding, 1682, settled in Sherburne, Massachusetts. There were, perhaps, other children, including Hannah, married, 1709, Daniel Richardson.

(III) Joseph (3), son of Joseph (2) and

Elizabeth Underwood, was born in Redding,. Massachusetts, 1681, died in Westford, Massachusetts (set off from Chelmsford), January 19, 1761. He removed from Redding to Westford in 1715. He and his brother were subscribers to the covenant in 1727, when the church at Westford was formed' from the church at Chelmsford. He married at Redding, 1707, Susannah Parker, born in 1689, died February 18, 1769. Children, first four born in Redding, the remainder in Westford ;• 1.Joseph, born 1708, died 1745; married, 1739, Ruth Bancroft. 2. Thomas, 1709, died' 1732. 3. Mary, 17n, married' Colonel Bulkley. 4. Elizabeth, 1714, married Joseph Fletcher, moved to Dunstable. 5. Jonathan, see forward. 6. Amy, 1717, married, 1736, Joseph Spaulding. 7. Ruth, 1719, died 1775; m arried Joseph Reed. 8. Phineas, 1722, died in Merrimac, New Hampshire, 1757. 9. Timothy, 1724. 10. Susannah, 1725, died 1729. n. John, 1727, died 1756. 12. Bethiah, 1729,. married Oliver Prescott. 13. James, 1731.

(IV) Jonathan, son of Joseph (3) and Susannah (Parker) Underwood, was born at Westford, Massachusetts, January 22, 1716, died at Marlboro, Vermont, May 26. 1794. He moved to Marlboro about 1776. He enlisted in Captain Kent's company on the alarm and went to Lexington in April, 1775, serving in this company thirty-nine days, until wounded. Captain Kent's company was formed at Suffield, Connecticut; was at the siege of Boston eight months in 1775, and was at Ticonderoga in 1777. He married Hannah Richardson . Children: 1. Jonathan, see forward. 2. Susannah, born 1747, married Simon Adams, of Suffield, Connecticut. 3. Oliver, 1762, died November 18, 1765. 4. Hannah, 1760. 5. Thaddeus, died September 8, 1840; married Mary Farr, of Boylston. 6. Samuel. 7. Phine as. 8. John, 1773, died February 7, 1816.

(V) Jonathan (2), son of Jonathan (1) and Hannah (Richardson) Underwood, was born in Westford, Massachusetts, 1774. died m Vermont, December 21, 1801. He had a grist and saw mill, and was also engaged in farming. He married, 1777, in Brimsfield, Massachus etts, Deborah, daughter of Isaac Morgan; she died in 1830. Children: 1. Oliver, see .forward. 2. Polly, born October 31, 1781, died May 29, 1863; married Jonathan Ingraham. 3. David, February 12, 1783. died at Marlboro, November 15, 1863. 4. Jonathan, Aug ust, 1784. 5. Deborah, April 22, 1787. 6. Roxy, July 2, 1788. 7. Erastus, . April 5, 1791. 8. Lucinda. 9. James, December 17, 1795.

(VI) Oliver, son of Jonathan (.2) and De'borah (Morgan) Underwood, was born April 7, 1779. He married Maria Nichols and moved to Chestertown, New York. Children: 1. Oliver, born August 22, 1806. 2. David, May 13, 1809, died April 19, 1885; married, 1836, in Yonkers, Hannah Waring. 3. Flavel, July 14, 18n. 4. Christopher, see forward. 5. Lemuel, 1815. 6. Burnham. 7. Houghton, February 1, 1818. 8. Rosana, January 28, 1821, died May 9, 1900; married, March 29, 1848, Lorenzo Heminway. 9. Lucy. 10. Samuel. n. Miles, 12. Sydney.

(VII) Christopher, son of Oliver and Maria (Nichols) Underwood, was born September 6, 1813, died April 28, 1898. After his marriage he removed to Chester, New York, and from there to Fort Edward, Washington county, where his death occurred. He married, Ju ly 2, 1841, Mahala Griffin, born May 1, 1822, died November 27, 1904. Children: 1. Sibyl Armenia, born July 6, 1842, died January 17, 1848. 2. Emmeline R., July 6, 1844. 3. George Frederick, see forward. 4. Myron S., July 29, 1850, married, September 9, 1877, Anna Horton; child: Clarence H. Hor ton. 3. Herson, December 8, 1851. 6. David C., May 23, 1855. 7. Leroy, July 24, 1856. 8. Sanford R., August 13, 1858. 9. Anna A., September 3, 1862.

(VIII) George Frederick, son of Christopher and Mahala (Griffin) Underwood, was born at Horicon, Warren county, New York, July 18, 1845. He was educated at Fort Edward Union School, Fort Edward Collegiate Institute, and was graduated after taking a full c ourse at Eastman's Business College, Poughkeepsie. He at once engaged in lumbering, holding the position of general manager fourteen years, at first with the firm of Bradley & Underwood in Fort Edward, and until 1880 for the Bloomingdale Lumber Company of Sandy Hill. In the latter named year he became interested in his own personal business affairs, and became one of the largest dealers in timber and lumber in his section. In 1896 he was elected director in the International Paper Company and has been vic epresident of that company since 1907; he is a director of several other companies and banks. His political affiliations are with the Republican party, and he is a member of the Presbyterian church. He married, June 24, 1875, Jennie A., daughter of Simeon R. and Jane Delavan (Underbill) Gregory, of Fort Edward, New York. Children: Grace Florence,

1 see forward; Maude S., Harry Gregory, Marion Anna. Maud S. married Walter W. Wait; child, Harry Gregory Wait, born June 20, 1900.

(IX) Grace Florence, daughter of George

Frederick and Jennie A. (Gregory) Underwood, married Thomas Floy Adriance.

"Mary Underwood Ancestry"

The website "Mary Underwood Ancestry" purports to take the ancestry of Joseph Underwood (1614/5-1676/7) back two generations. There is some circumstantial and anecdotal evidence, but it is basically unproven and speculative. Further, the page for Martin Underwood essentially states he is placed as a child only because of his date of birth. Conversely, the will of Thomas Underwood does provide indication that he was the brother of subject Joseph Underwood (1614/5-1676/7).

Descendants of Joseph Underwood
Generation No. 1

1. JOSEPH1 UNDERWOOD1 was born Bef. 1590 in Dorchester, England1

2. i. JOHN2 UNDERWOOD, b. Bef. 1600, England

Generation No. 2

2. JOHN2 UNDERWOOD (JOSEPH1)3 was born Bef. 1600 in England4.  He married RACHEL EDWARDS5 Abt. 16166.

 i. THOMAS3 UNDERWOOD6,7, b. Bet. 1600 - 1607, England8,9; of Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts10,11; m. MAGDALINE11, September 07, 1669.
 ii. MARTIN UNDERWOOD13, b. 159614,15; d. November 17, 167215; m. MARTHA FISKE15.  Occupation: cordwainer17.
3. iii. JOSEPH UNDERWOOD, b. Bet. 1614 - 1615, London, England? - of Hingham, Massachusetts; d. February 16, 1676/77, Watertown, Middlesex  Co., Massachusetts or Woburn, Massachusetts? - age @  62.
 iv. UNDERWOOD, d. Aft. 1663, of England17.

The numbers are apparent footnote source references, but I do not find the links to the sources on the website.

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