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This page is primarily intended to describe some information about the descendants of Isaac Cummings 1601-1677 of Ipswich/Topsfield Mass. 1638. A few notes about other Cummings lines at the end.

Descendants of Isaac Cummings 1601-1677 of Ipswich/Topsfield Mass. 1638.

Isaac Cummings, aka Isaack Commen, was born 1601 in England, son of John and Amy (Green) Cummings; baptized 5 April 1601 at Easthorpe, Essex, England; arrived in America about 1635 and died about 22 May 1677 at Topsfield, Essex County, Massachusetts.

Status note: This web page was prepared about 1997, intended as just a brief overview and introduction to this line, and has not been updated substantially since then. January 2011 and May 2012 I made a few minor updates. The links to are now invalid; I do not have replacements, probably at ICFA website but which may not be available to the public ("Members Only"). I am leaving the list in place just to show that those content items do exist. Somewhere.

Historically, the most complete information about Isaac Cummings, his family and descendants was available through books that were published in the early 1900's. Now, the most comprehensive, current and authoritative source is the web site of the Isaac Cummings Family Association (ICFA). The web site presents all information from the published books, in-depth narratives, submissions by later researchers of subsequent descendants, searchable database of descendants, results of further research into the origin of Isaac Cummings in England and corrections. Consequently, it will not be necessary to present much here; it is covered by the ICFA. Also covered by the ICFA is coordination of research into John Comins of Woburn, Mass., known as "Woburn John" who may be related to Isaac Cummings. Quick research note: the surname spelling variants for this line include: Cummings, Cumming, Cumings, Cummins, Cumin, Cumins, Cummin, Comins, Comin, Comings, Commings, etc. Beware that search engines on the various websites differ in the way they identify and retrieve alternate spellings so manual testing of the variants is recommended. The Cummings' were also associated with the Card's at Pownal.

Primary Published Materials

This descendants of Isaac Cummings have been published in these books:

Reprints of all three of these books are available through Higginson Books of Salem, MA for $99.00, $7.50 and $67.50, respectively (April 1998). They are also available at major genealogical libraries, on LDS microfilm at local FHC's and through inter-library loan at local public libraries.

Note this information is from 1998. Since then (now in 2011), many of these early (i.e. out of copyright) history books have been scanned, posted on the internet and are available for free. Google search on them as the availability increases continually. Some of the scans have been OCR'd and a Google search on a text string may result in a hit. However, the OCR translations are not perfect even for clear printed text. So actual text in the original page may not be found during a text search and where found, text results should be verified to the original. Be advised that even the early family history books may have contained errors, some substantial. Back then information was much more difficult to obtain access to. Further, these books were the work product of one individual and did not have the benefit of scrutiny by multiple researchers lurking on the internet. A current, well-researched and cited database should be a more reliable and informative source.

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"Pownal, Vermont" @ Wikipedia (History)

Isaac Cummings Family Association

Descendants of Isaac Cummings, 1601-1677 of Ipswich/Topsfield Mass. have formed the Isaac Cummings Family Association (ICFA). The website's main page is at Isaac Cummings Family Association (ICFA).

The site is very well-organized and easy to navigate, so it should ordinarily be accessed from the main page (above). It has the most current and complete information about Isaac Cummings and descendants.

The ICFA maintains two family tree databases. Their first, initial database of descendants of Isaac Cummings is posted online: ICFA Database online at Rootsweb

HOWEVER, as of 2010 (or prior), the Rootsweb database is not being maintained. An authoritative database is being created from those records that will be source-verified and updated BUT available only to paid members of the ICFA.

The following had been links to particularly interesting sections at an offsite ISP but are (2011) are invalid and I do not currently have replacements. Probably somewhere on the main site or absorbed into the ICFA site.

Ancestor connection: Hannah Cummings (1764-1857)

Hannah Cummings (1764-1857) (Isaac1, John2, Abraham3, Abraham4, Stephen5) married 3 Jan 1782 Pownal, Bennington Co., Vermont to Benjamin Card (1754-1837). Marriages in Pownal, Vermont to 1850; From books #1 & #2 of the Pownal Town Records; Copied and arranged by Elmer I. Shepard, Williamstown, Mass.; December, 1941. Online January 2011 at: Pownal Historical Society.
Benjamin Card    3 Jan 1782    Hannah Cummins

Apparent but not proven daughter of Stephen Cummings, Sr. (1736-1810/1820) of Attleboro, Mass. who migrated to Coventry, Rhode Island; Pownal, Bennington Co., Vermont; and New Lisbon/Pittsfield, Otsego Co., New York (1790-1810/1820). He was the son of Abraham Jr. (4), Abraham Sr. (3), John (2), Isaac (1) of Ipswich/Topsfield, Mass by 1630. Although not proven, the circumstances support the relationship and there is no apparent information to the contrary.

Stephen Cummings Sr. (1736-1810/1820)

Stephen Cummings Sr. (1736-1810/1820) and his descendants were the intended subject of a book announced in 1998, so I did not attempt any further research. As of 2011 I have heard nothing further about it. So the following notes:

For descendants of Anna Card, daughter of Benjamin Card (1754-1837) and Hannah Cummings (1764-1857), who married Jonathan Tuttle Stiles see the Stiles page.

Stephen Cummings Sr. (1736-1810/1820), Patriot

I believe that Stephen Cummings Sr. (1736-1810/1820) served in the American Revolutionary War. A "Stephen Cummings" is listed as a recipient of payment for five days service in
[121] [Capt. Nathaniel Seely's Company]

"A Pay Roll of Capt. Nathl. Seely's Company of Alarm Men in Col. Samuel Herrick's Regiment of Militia in the service of the State of Vermont, the 11th October, 1780."
[list of payees]
"State of Vermont / Bennington, June 19, 1781.
Personally appeared the within Capt. Nath1. Seeley and made oath that to the best of his knowledge the within roll is true. / Before me. John Fassett, Jr. Assis"

Rolls of the soldiers in the Revolutionary War, 1775 to 1783 John E Goodrich; Chauncey L Knapp; 1904; English Book Book xx, [2], 927 p. ; 24 cm. Rutland, Vt. : Tuttle Company. Page 218. PDF edition scanned at Google Books, PDF page 245/957.

This source is a printed edition of transcription of the original rolls. I believe that images of the original pages of these rolls may be still available for viewing on microfilm and/or digital scans but do not currently have a citation or link.

Stephen Cummings was paid a total of one pound, ten shillings and zero pence for five days service at one shilling-four pence per day and travel of 70 miles at four pence per mile. 37 of the 38 men listed on the page all traveled 70 miles; service four to 23 days.

While this source serves as documentary evidence of specific service that was performed and paid, Stephen Cummings, along with many others, may have served in other capacities for which documentation does not exist such as the troops who participated in the Battle of Bennington on August 16, 1777. There may also be other documentation of which I am unaware.

On the same page is listed Elisha Card who served the same and was paid exactly the same. An Elisha Card was born 17 July 1738 at East Greenwich, Kent County, Rhode Island, son of William Card (1710/1-1784/5) and Mercy Briggs (1711-1775). I do not have information as to when the Card's migrated to Pownal, but suspect it was around the same time as the Cummings' and may have been the result of homesteading incentives. (More TBR.) Elisha eventually migrated to New York reportedly around 1794 with a group of others from Pownal for Nelson, Chenango Co., now Madison Co. where he died after 1805. (Modern Madison County adjoins Otsego County.) He reportedly died at Cazenovia, New York which is in modern Madison County and buried at "Old Welsh Cemetery." An online listing of burials at the Welsh Church Cemetery at Nelson, (now) Madison Co., New York does not show his burial, the earliest marker known is 1808 and it is understood that there are unmarked graves in the old part of the cemetery. Welsh Church Cemetery : Nelson, New York

Elisha was brother of Benjamin Card (1754-1837) who married 3 January 1782 at Pownal, Bennington County, Vermont to Hannah Cummings (1764-1857), presumed daughter of Stephen Cummings (1736-1810/1820). Note that Elisha Card and Stephen Cummings were about the same age (early 40's in 1780) and Hannah was ten years younger than Benjamin. So Elisha was brother-in-law to Hannah Cummings Card and Elisha's brother Benjamin was son-in-law to Stephen Cummings. Elisha Card is listed in the DAR Genealogical Research System and presumably prior printed DAR indexes listing the service in Seeley's Company.

Ancestor #: A019080
Service Description:
2) COL. SAMUEL HERRICK MILITIA. Norfolk, Massachusetts

Other/Misc. Cummings Data

Marriages in Pownal, Vermont to 1850
From books #1 & #2 of the Pownal Town Records
Copied and arranged by
Elmer I. Shepard
Williamstown, Mass.
December, 1941

Online January 2011 at:

Benjamin Card           3 Jan 1782    Hannah Cummins
Emeline M. Card        15 Sep 1849    Marcellus Woodward, Hebron, NY
Hester Card            10 Mar 1849    Harmon L. Randall, Petersburg, NY
Job E. Card            16 Aug 1846    Lydia Niles
Joseph Card            19 Jul 1787    Hannah Briggs
Luther Card            14 Jan 1849    Fanny H. Childs
Parker Card            26 Dec 1839    Mary Ann Barber
Sarah Card             25 Oct 1849    John Ohahan?
Waity Card             21 Oct 1832    Royal Amedon, Granville, NY


Elizabeth Cummins       5 Nov 1811    Aaron H. Lewis, Wmst.
Hannah Cummins          3 Jan 1782    Benjamin Card
Jacob Cummins           6 Jun 1784    Ester Gallup
Phebe Cummins          24 Oct 1824    David Goodell
Roxana Cummins          7 Oct 1821    Noble Myers
Seth Cummins           23 Nov 1805    Lucy Haley
Williams Cummins Jr.    3 Jul 1813    Sibbel Haley

The Cummins and Card's in the 1800's may or may not be related. NFI.

Open Research Issues

Parents of Hannah Cummings
Although the circumstantial evidence is strong that the above Hannah Cummings (1764-1857) was the probable daughter of Stephen Cummings, Sr. (1736-1810/1820) of Attleboro, Mass., more positive proof is needed. (More TBA.)
Mary, Wife of Abraham Cummings
(Discussion TBA)
Probate 1810 to 1850/1860 in Otsego Co. NY for Cummings
Status? (Card?)
Ancestors of Isaac Cummings 1601-1677 of Ipswich/Topsfield Mass. 1638.
Research by the ICFA continues. See "Isaac's Parents" at Isaac Cummings Family Association (ICFA) for the latest research, details, documentation and data.

Descendants of Stephen Cummings, Sr. (1736-1810/1820) of Attleboro, Mass.

Bibliography (Surname, all lines)

The most comprehensive and up-to-date bibliography is presented on the ICFA web site. A couple of items I had previously noted follow, but this list is now out of date and redundant.

LDS Family History Library
Cummings Surname Books at the LDS Family History Library
New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS)
Cummings Family Histories cataloged at the NEHGS. Internet 12/27/97. Comins/Cummings - (I think this URL is now dead).
    COMINS  Comins, Lucia B. Ancestors and Descendants of Captain James Comins.
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                Deacon Jonathan, Born June 5, 1729. Supplemented by All Known
                Changes Since 1881, Also by the Leaflet Printed by Him in 1889.
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    CUMMINGS  Cummings, H.S., Jr.  Cummings Heritage. (1991). 272 p. CS/71/C971/1991
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Higginson Books Reprints
Reprints of the following Cummings histories are available from Higginson Books, 148-BP Washington St, P.O. Box 778, Salem Mass. 01970, 508/745-7170. Online at: Higginson Books Again, as noted above, these and other historical out of copyright books likely have been scanned and are available for free online. Check at

   COMINS Family: desc. of John Comins of Woburn, Mass., by W.B. O'Connor.
30p.  1915. $6.00

  CUMMINGS Memorial; genealogical hist. of the desc. of Isaac Cummings, an
early settler of Topsfield, Mass., by G. Mooar. 535p.  1903. $67.50

   CUMMINGS. Isaac Cummings of Topsfield, Mass. & some of his desc., by M.
Clark & others. 39p.  1899. $7.50

   CUMMINGS. Isaac Cummings, 1601-1677, of Ipswich in 1638, & some of his
desc., by A.O. Cummins. 661p.  1904. $99.00

Other Cummings

A DNA study has revealed a close relationship among descendants of the following earliest-known Cummings ancestors. I do not currently see any connection with the Isaac Cummings line; however, I am not currently aware of any DNA testing of descendants of Isaac. Further research into Isaac's English roots may eventually reveal a kinship. Those closely-related early Cummings ancestor lines are:

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