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Jonathan Tuttle Stiles (1783NJ-1859NY) and Anna Card (1794NY-1886NY).

The purpose of this page is to present the family and four generations of descendants of Jonathan Tuttle Stiles (1783NJ-1859NY) and Anna Card (1794NY-1886NY). (This data only includes individuals born before about 1900.) Jonathan Tuttle Stiles was son of Timothy Stiles (1755NJ-aft1810) and Demaris Crane (1750NJ-aft1794). Anna was daughter of Benjamin Card (1754-1837) and Hannah Cummings (1764-1857)

Timothy's family, including Jonathan, (possibly including other Stiles') migrated from Morristown, Morris Co., New Jersey to Delmar Township, Tioga Co., Pennsylvania between 1800 and 1810. Children of Jonathan were born there from 1809 to 1833. Last record of Timothy known (to me) was 1810 census at Delmar Twp., Tioga Co., PA. Jonathan and family migrated to Woodhull-Troupsburg area, Steuben Co., New York ca 1819. (In 1810 was in Delmar Township, Tioga Co. PA census, in 1820 was in Troupsburg, Steuben Co., NY census.) Jonathan's family is #401 in The Stiles Family in America by Henry Reed Stiles (1895). His ancestors are given in that work*.

The family data below (Index to Persons/Index to Surnames) includes family and descendants of Jonathan's son David Stiles (1812PA-1895SD) and Clarinda Cummings Shaw (1817MA-1878MN). She was a daughter of Levi Shaw (-1839NY) and Phila Merritt (1793-1859). David's family is #404 in The Stiles Family in America by Henry Reed Stiles (1895).

David's children were born 1837-1851/3 at Woodhull, Steuben Co., New York. The family migrated and lived at Steuben Co., Indiana (1856-1858); Adams Co., Wisconsin (1858-1862); Sauk Centre, Stearns Co., Minnesota (1862-1880) and Roberts Co., South Dakota (1880-1895). Descendants of David remained in Minnesota after 1880.

There were other Stiles at Steuben County, New York at the same time that are not related to the above Stiles line. They are descendants of Robert Stiles born 1637 at Yorkshire, England; died 20 July 1690 at Boxford, Essex Co., Massachusetts. If there is a connection, it would be back in England. Many were in Massachusetts, New Hampshire (Hillsborough County) and New York (Steuben County). It is apparently just coincidence that they were in Steuben County at the same time. I may have more information about the families of this other line, but have not yet posted it. Most of it is already found on Rootsweb WorldConnect, but I may have a few more details.

Jonathan Tuttle Stiles (1783NJ-1859NY) and Anna Card (1794NY-1886NY) Descendants Database

Four generations of descendants of Jonathan Tuttle Stiles (1783NJ-1859NY) and Anna Card (1794NY-1886NY) from my database as of 09 February 2013. Data from my offline database was formatted into webpages using old technology and operating under the limitations of Comcast free user pages. Consquently, it is not a true, full online searchable database. These pages display only direct descendants of Jonathan Tuttle Stiles and their immediate spouses. It will not show indirect relationships such as other families of those spouses from other marriages, etc. Hopefully, something more comprehensive coming in the future.

Ancestral Line

* This line is descended from the Connecticut Stiles branch as given in The Stiles Family in America. Genealogies of the Connecticut Family, "Descendants of John Stiles, of Windsor, Conn., and of Mr. Francis Stiles, of Windsor and Stratford, Conn., 1635-1894; Also, The Connecticut- New Jersey Families 1720-1894 and the Southern (Or Bermuda Georgia) Family, 1635-1894. With Contributions to the Genealogies of Some New York and Pennsylvania Families. And An Appendix, containing Information Concerning the English Families of the Name."; by Henry Reed Stiles; Jersey City; 1895; 794p. This book is available free online at The Stiles Family in America at - main page and at The Stiles Family in America at Google Books - pdf (better, darker print.) Hardcopy reprints of this book are available through Higginson Books for $119.00 (April 1998).

Profiles of Stiles Families and Descendants

Charles F. Cady Family Charles F. Cady (1836-1903) m. 23 DEC 1861 to Orril Stiles (1843-1908) (David, Jonathan Tuttle, Timothy, Jonathan, Jonathan, Isaac, John, Thomas, Edmond)

Allied Lines

Stiles Surname (General)

Stiles Family Association

As of February 2013, the "official" website of the Stiles Family Association appears to be As of February 2013 the previous, limited version: "Stiles Family of America" at "" has aparently been deleted as this link no longer works.

Stiles Family Association Historian

The Historian of the Stiles Family Association maintains a database, has records and all things related to Stiles and collateral families, is interested in receiving any and all information about Stiles descendants and will answer inquiries. Previously Historian Leon Stiles, as of February 2013, the function is fielded by a Genealogy Panel which is described further at: The Stiles Family of America - Genealogy Panel which can be contacted at:

Historian emeritus:

  • Leon Stiles
  • Historian, Stiles Family of America
  • 1790 Stiles Road
  • R.F.D. #1
  • Penn Yan N.Y. 14527-9640
  • Bibliography

    Over the decades, various books, articles and other publications have been written about the Stiles families. I have not undertaken a systematic search for them all. The following are Stiles surname books that have been available in reprint from Higginson Books. (July, 1998) The out of copyright books (generally pre-1926) may be available as free downloads on the internet from such sources as Google Books.

    Misc. Stiles Surname Information

    Local Research with Stiles Connections

    Steuben Co. NY Misc. Stiles Data

    Steuben Co. NY USGenweb page Misc. Stiles Data

    The following are misc. citations to the Stiles surname from the Steuben Co., NY USGenweb page. Most are descendants of the Robert Stiles (1637-1690) line and are apparently not related to Jonathan Tuttle Stiles. The names that are unknown are Joseph S. Stiles, Helen Stiles, Merlyn Alfred Still, and Fanny Stiles (1817-1896) who married Socrates Cornell (1809-1896).

    Stiles, Asahel Jr.
       1810 census: 20010-00100 pg. 423 Troupsburg
    Stiles, Reuben
       18xx census: 20010-10100 pg. 424 Troupsburg
    Stiles, Asahel
       1810 census: 00001-00001 pg. 421 Addison
    Stiles, Benjamin
       1810 census: 00100-00100 pg. 421 Addison
    Stiles, Reuben
       Pictured Ashley S.A. Baley Post 351 GAR (Civil War Vet's)
    Stiles, Eber
       1894 memorial upon his death.
    Stiles, Reuben - Lt.
        "Oaths of Military Officers - 1812" 2nd list May 16.
    Stiles, Joseph S.
        Transcription of Stephens Cemetery; Canisteo, Steuben Co., NY
        Located on Rt. 119, west of the intersection with Rt. 27.
            No data
            Soldier in Mexican War Am. flag
    Stiles, Phoebe/Mary  (b. 1827 PA).
      I am looking for info on William Harrison BAKER (b. 1820-1827 NY) and wife Phoebe/Mary Stiles (b. 1827 PA).
      Ch: David, Harrison, Emmett, Emmerson, (Rastus) Sylvester, Ellen, Emma and others. They are listed in 1850 and
      1860 CenRec in West Union twp, Steuben co, NY. By 1870 they had rem. to Tioga co, PA. Wm Harrison may have
      been b. in Delaware Co, NY (or even PA) Have not obtained the St CenRec for them in 1845, 1855, 1865. Would
      like to have parents, etc. Margie Strang
                          Troupsburg - Civil War Veterans
                                  by John Mosher
            Steuben GenWeb Main Back to Troupsburg Civil War town Index
     Stiles, Ezra 188 NY Inf  E     Troupsburg Sep
     Stiles, John 188 NY Inf  E     Troupsburg Sep
     Stiles,                                   29
     Reuben       86  NY Inf  E     Troupsburg Aug
      Military Roll of Town of Troupsburg
           Steuben Co. 1854
      "This is a brown, soft-covered book measuring about 10"x 12" with
      several different typeset columns. This 1854 book is the only book
      of it's kind to have been located for any Steuben county town. -
            Therefore it is a RARE find for any researcher."
    "Liable to pay the commutation 50 cents and their residence in cities."
       "All able Bodied white males between 18 and 45 yrs - Liable to the
                               commution - 11 Act 1851 the commution"
         Name                Amt pd in cents              My notes
        Stiles, Eber              50
    Civil War Veterans of Troupsburg, Steuben Co., NY
      Ezra Stiles - 188th - NY - Inf. - Co. E - Troupsburg
      John Stiles - 188th - NY - Inf. - Co. E - Troupsburg
      Reuben Stiles - 86th - NY - Inf. - Co. E - Troupsburg
              Hedgesville Cemetery
            Woodhull, Steuben Co, NY
    Elora A. Stiles b. 7 Jul 1880 d. 26 Jul 1948
              Wife of Ernest Stiles
    Ernest W. Stiles b. 14 Jul 1873 d. 31 May 1951
       Potter Street (Road) Cemetery or a.k.a. Nudd Cemetery
      Socrates Cornell - 1809 - 1896
      Fanny Cornell, w/of Socrates - 1817 - 1896 (nee: Stiles)
              Bath, New York
           Transcribed and Indexed
          By:  Laurene Matthews Grimes
            (All right's reserved)
    August 5, 1857 Wednesday
        Married - In Addison July 15th by James Whittenhall, Mr. George
        C. Crooks and Miss Helen Stiles, both of Nelson, PA.
     "Early History of the Town of Woodhull, NY"
               By E.T. Hollis, 1913
    This [Woodhull] town was formed from Troupsburg and Addison
    February 18, 1828.
    The first settler was Daniel JOHNSON, who came in 1804, and settled a
    mile west of the village on
    the south branch of the creek. The same year SPEARS and MERLIN entered
     800 acres near the
    village on the north side; they did some chopping on the Walter SMITH
    farm, but abandoned their
    purchase. Bethnel TUBBS was the second settler, he came in 1805, and
    also Caleb, Colvin and Josiah STILES.
    Ansel STILES came in 1806, ...
                           Hornellsville Rural Cemetery
                          Hornellsville, Steuben Co., NY
     Stiles      Charles Edwin    1871   June 16,                *
     Stiles      Gerald Kenneth   1907   September               *
                                         17, 1958
     Stiles      Noel C.          1906   March 15,         Woodhull, NY
     Stiles      Phoebe L.         *   February 12,              *
     Stiles      Wilber D.         *    October 19,              *
     Still       Merlyn Alfred     *     July 25,                *


    The will abstract (case #3744, bk. 16, pg. 76) of
    Alvinza B. Foote (b.1806 d.1880), an Ezra Stiles was listed as
    the husband of Emily Foot Robins Stiles; b.1837.
    Alvinza came to Woodhull, Steuben Co, NY in 1832, according to
    The History of Steuben County NY  by WW Clayton, 1879.
    Date: Sun, 05 May 2002 19:23:28 -0400

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