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Calhoun County, Illinois is directly across the Mississippi River from Lincoln County, Missouri. Over the decades, families routinely migrated between these two counties. At one time there was even a ferry boat (Hamburg Ferry) that provided regular trips between the shores (not sure if still in service).

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Cemetery Books - Prior

The Calhoun County Historical Society has published books of inscriptions of cemeteries in Calhoun County. Previously, tt appears that there were at least three editions of the Calhoun County Cemeteries book: 1978, 1981 and 1983. I have only seen the 1978 edition which was not page numbered. It appears that the 1981 edition was re-typed, re-formatted and paginated to 241 pages and the 1983 edition was a direct reprint of 1981.

It appears that the titles of the previous editions and the paginations of the various editions were slightly different. The editions are:

A supplement was prepared of names not included in the original editions was prepared. It appears to be cited in WorldCat with the 1983 edition, so I presume it was prepared about that year.

The books did not include a surname index. A master index of surnames to the 1981 edition (presumably applicable to the 1983 edition also) was prepared in 1987 and is now posted online at: Calhoun County, Illinois - Index to Cemetery Books

Since the index lists just surnames and page numbers, it is still necessary to consult the original (1981) publication. The online index also includes surnames in the supplement. The index was published in book form in 1987, but is apparently housed at only two libraries in the country.

Since there was no surname index in the 1978 edition, it was necessary to look through each cemetery listing to find a name. Also, pages were not numbered. Because of the variance of format and because some cemeteries' listings were only a few pages, names were easy to miss. Since the page layouts and consequent pagination of the 1978 is slightly different from subsequent editions, the online index above will be slightly off in comparison to the 1978 edition, but it still very helpful. Also, the website does not list names of the cemeteries that are included in the index and published editions. I have prepared a listing of the Names of Transcribed Cemeteries of Calhoun County, Illinois from the 1978 edition. I do not know if a comprehensive, systematically-prepared list of known cemeteries NOT included in the index exists. See above for list of those names.

Cemetery Book - New 2011

In 2011, the Calhoun County Historical Society published a completely revised and updated edition of the cemetery book. Cemeteries were re-visited, entries were added and errors were corrected. It features a surname index. $35.00 including postage from the Society: P.O. Box 46; Hardin, Illinois 62047.

Surrounding Counties Information

Counties adjacent to Calhoun County are Pike (IL) to the north, Greene and Jersey to the west, Lincoln and Pike (MO) across the Mississippi River to the west and St. Charles (MO) across the Mississippi River to the south. Nearby are Adams, Brown, Scott, Macoupin and Madison (IL).

Over the decades, families routinely migrated among these counties, including those in Illinois. My own ancestors and relatives also lived at various times in Lincoln, Pike (MO), Calhoun, Jersey and Pike (IL). At one time there was even a ferry boat (Hamburg Ferry) that provided regular trips between the shores (not sure when it began or if still in service).

Links and brief information about surrounding counties is posted on the (TBA) Calhoun County, Illinois USGenWeb site. These sites vary as to quantity and quality of genealogical data. Include a couple especially useful links.

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