Andrew Shuck (est1733-1803) of Kentucky


Andrew Shuck was born estimated 1733 and died between March and May of 1803 at Shelby County, Kentucky. From about 1760 to 1783 he and his family lived in the area of what is now Shepherdstown, Jefferson County, West Virginia and then migrated to Shelby County, Kentucky with a cooperative group of families collectively known as the Low Dutch Company. His wife's name was Margaret (per Andrew Shuck's 1803 will ) and ten children are named.

Andrew Shuck's parents, his origin in Europe and his initial residence in America are NOT known. Any such claims are speculative and unproven. Family legend is that he came from the Rhine area of Germany via port of Rotterdam. Keep in mind that, at the time, "Germany" did not exist and instead consisted of independent principalities and states. Another family legend is that he was of Dutch origin. However, other Shuck/Shook/etc. families have been shown to be German, the surname "sounds" more German to me (especially compared to the known Dutch families he associated with) and that legend may have come from his association with the Low Dutch Company and those families.


Various stuff is presented as fact about Andrew Shuck and his family in various places around the internet and elsewhere. Much of it is speculative, guesswork and unproven, including even recently-posted stuff. Conversely, a bit of it has turned out to be consistent with prior reportings of which a few underlying source citations are slowly emerging. Note specifically that in March of 2013, someone created an entry for "Andrew Schuck" at The "information" claimed for him presented there as fact is speculative, guesswork, unproven and just wrong. As of December 2013.

Also, in reading this page and in researching the family, be acutely aware of the changes in names and boundaries of the locations involved. This is very confusing and all too much of the stuff reported about the family, their migration and their events mixes the locations. Generally, the event should be reported exactly as the name of the location as it existed at the time of the event. That is the standard for genealogical research. Where feasible, I will note parenthetically the current name of the area and hopefully make it clear which is which. I may also be repetitious, to emphasize the distinction.

The information on this website is the latest available which has at least some underlying evidence. If anyone can prove corrections or additions, please forward.

Andrew Shuck presumably immigrated to America (i.e. not born here), probably at some early age (i.e. infant to 15), but date and ports of departure and entry not known. His name is not found on known ships' passenger lists. Early settlement and migration path is not known. Marriage record not found; his wife's name of Margaret is from his will. The first tangible evidence found shows that the family lived in what is now the Shepherdstown area (now Jefferson County, West Virginia) from 1760/1762 to about 1783 prior to move to Shelby/Henry County in Kentucky to join the Low Dutch Company. The area was and is known as Pack Horse Ford (a crossing on the Potomac) and in 1760 the nearest town was called Mecklenburg, later renamed Shepherdstown, in then Frederick County, Virginia. The tract of the Low Dutch Company was located half in Shelby and half in Henry County. In 1760, Andrew would have been about age 25-30 with one or two infant children (Hannah and Mathias). In his Revolutionary War pension petition, Mathias Shuck said he was born in 1759 in New Jersey, but didn't remember the month.

What follows in the next three paragraphs is pure speculation but may provide some hints for future research. I have not attempted significantly research of the early migration of Andrew Shuck However, based on very superficial circumstantial information, I think it is more likely that Andrew and/or his parents may have come from one of three states or regions that happen to adjoin roughly east-west: Rhineland-Palatinate (Rheinland-Pfalz in German), Wüerttemberg or Alsace. Switzerland borders to the south. Rhineland-Palatinate would be consistent with family legend and was known as the source and origin of substantial immigration at the time. Wüerttemberg is where the family of the Shuck's from the 1749 voyage on the Albany and is separated from the Palatinate by the Rhine River. There are naming similarities there. These two states are in modern Germany, which was founded in 1871. There have been some reports of Shuck's in Alsace and I have seen it included as a speculative origin of the Shuck's. Alsace is separated from the Palatinate by the upper Rhine. Over the centuries, control has shifted as a result of the various European wars. From 1674 to 1871 Alsace was under control of the Kingdom of France. While French was the official language, Alsatian, a Germanic dialect, and German were tolerated. Comment from Wikipedia - Alsace

"Between 1671-1711 Anabaptist refugees came from Switzerland, notably from Bern. Strasbourg became a main centre of the early Anabaptist movement."
Since 1945 Alsace has been a region in France and is usually mentioned in conjunction with the Lorraine region as Alsace-Lorraine.

Andrew Shuck and/or family may have followed the Rhine to the port at Rotterdam. However, there is also a possibility that they first went to England, then sailing from London some time later. They may have arrived at New York, where records of those ships have not survived. Andrew's family were possibly of the group known as the "Pennsylvania Dutch" who were not from Holland, but were actually German or "Deutsch" which word was corrupted into "Dutch." German origins are also consistent with their migration to Pack Horse Ford, Virginia, which was a predominantly German settlement at the time called Mecklenburg before being renamed to Shepherdstown. More discussion following. (Note that in the following discussions, the "Low Dutch" were actually Dutch, coming from the lowlands area of Holland. Andrew's family somehow became acquainted and associated with them at Shepherdstown.) See German Migration Information and Links which includes a good, brief recap from Wikipedia.

Possibly in New Jersey by 1759. Possibly associated with German or Dutch (Low Dutch) communities at Somerset Co., New Jersey; Bergen Co., New Jersey; Conewago, York (now Adams) Co., Pennsylvania; or Berks Co., Pennsylvania. However, no records or evidence supporting that association have been found prior to Shepherdstown, so this is, again, speculative. May have been associated with an anabaptist group in Germany and/or America. More about that later.

Various scattered printed materials and internet websites contain myths, conflicting claims, errors and information needing clarification. This is a brief synopsis.

With remarkable consistency for the time, most records spell this family's surname "Shuck", particularly after 1850. Some occasional, mostly early spelling variations found are: Shoc, Shuc, Shucks, Shough. "Shock" has been found in a secondary publication.

The family migrated to Pack Horse Ford, Frederick Co., Virginia (see geography discussion below) about 1760 where they lived until after the Revolutionary War (1776-1783). This area is (2006), after various name, jurisdiction and boundary changes, Shepherdstown, Jefferson County, West Virginia. (Detail discussion follows.) This is the first location where we have any primary evidence of Andrew Shuck. This area was home of one of the later Low Dutch Colonies, consisting of people who migrated from the Dutch Colonies in Pennsylvania. We do not know if Andrew Shuck may have been first associated with one of the Low Dutch groups previously or was first associated with a German group, possibly the "Pennsylvania Dutch" who were actually German.

"Andrew Shoc" and "Mattis Shuc" signed ca. 1783 as "intend frinds" a petition by the Low Dutch Company to the Continental Contress asking for a grant of a tract of land in Kentucky. The petition was not dated, but it was reported by a committee of the Continental Congress on September 27, 1783 where it was denied. Andrew Shuck's last personal property tax record in Berkeley Co. (formerly part of Frederick Co. until 1772) was in 1783.

It is known that Andrew eventually migrated 1784-1786 with the Low Dutch Company of Shelby Co., Kentucky where he died 1803 between March and May (will). Was in Mercer County Kentucky initially ca. 1784-1786. Attempts by the Company to settle in Shelby County were thwarted by Indian attacks, so the settlers had to move back to the protection of the forts at Mercer County and other places until the situation was resolved. Marriages of most of Andrew's children have been found from 1784-1802 at Lincoln, Mercer, Marion and Shelby Counties, Kentucky. It appears that Mathias may have stayed behind in Virginia, possibly as late as 1793 as personal property tax records are found for him at Berkeley Co. 1785-1793; 1794 was when the actual, more permanent Low Dutch settlement began.

Conewago was a settlement in Pennsylvania that began as early as 1765 as a colony of "Low Dutch" pioneers. They adopted the name "Low Dutch" to distinguish themselves from the neighboring "High Dutch" or Germans and to signify that they had come from the low countries of Europe. It was located near present-day Gettysburg in what was then York County. The area was separated into what is now Adams County January 22, 1800. Beginning about 1769 and continuing through the early 1770's, several families moved from Conewago to the area near present-day Shepherdstown. The distance was about 40 miles. These families included Carnine, Duree, Demaree, DeBaun, VanArsdale and Voris (Voorhees). A number of them served in the Revolutionary War. In addition to these Low Dutch, the area also had a large German population; until 1798 Shepherdstown was named Mecklenburg, after the area in Germany. There was a congregation of German Baptist Brethren at Antietam nearby. (See more later.) Undoubtedly, it was at Mecklenburg/Shepherdstown that Andrew Shuck became acquainted with the Low Dutch Company pioneers. We do not know where Andrew lived before Mecklenburg/Shepherdstown. There may have been some chance he came from Conewago which also had a German Baptist Brethren congregation, but also some other German settlement in Pennsylvania or New Jersey.

Andrew's Virginia residence requires some historical discussion to make sense, particularly in following the locations which have changed names and jurisdictions over the centuries. Some of the various write-ups and data displays for the family and descendants are not often not clear about the locations and/or use different names which may at first blush appear conflicting and confusing. In about 1760 the family moved to what has been referred to as Pack Horse Ford, Frederick Co., Virginia, the nearest town being established as Mecklenburg in 1762 by the Virginia Assembly, a German settlement. Mecklenburg is now known as Shepherdstown, Jefferson County, West Virginia. Pack Horse Ford is still known on the Potomac River and is about one mile downriver from Shepherdstown. See History of Shepherdstown for details.

Andrew Shuck Family

Andrew Shuck:
b. ca 1733 poss. Rhine Germany
d. 1803 Shelby Co., KY
m. ca 1754 Margaret

Margaret unkn.:
b. Rhine Germany
d. 01 JAN 1820 Shelby Co., KY

Children: Mathias (Mathew), Sarah (Sally), Magdelena (Helena), William, Margaret, Hannah, Cornelius, Andrew Jr., Mary (Polly), John.

Source: The data for this family is predominantly drawn from "The Descendants of Andrew Shuck of Kentucky" section by Martha Miller as published in "Shuck; Shock; Shook; Schuck; Schock; Schook; Schug; Schuh; Shough ..." by Larry G. Shuck (1990).

Andrew Shuck Timeline

1733e        Estimate of Andrew's birth year
1749         Ship passenger list Albany - not known if relevant
1755e    NJ? Estimate of year of Andrew's marriage (would be abt age 21/25)
1756     NJ? Hannah, d/o Andrew born 28 Nov 1756 (tombstone at Danville, Boyle Co. KY)
1759     NJ? Mathias, son of Andrew, claims born in NJ; can't remember month
             from Rev. War Pension App.
1760e    VA  Est - Andrew and family migrate to Pack Horse Ford, Frederick Co., VA
                now known as Shepard's Town, Jefferson Co., WV
1761     VA  Frederick Co.  - Sarah Shuck, dau. Andrew/Margaret born *
                ANY record of their presence in 1761?
1762?    VA  Frederick Co.  A record may exist showing the Shuck's but haven't found
1763     VA  Frederick Co. (presumed) - Mary Magdelena (Helena) d/o Andrew born
1765     VA  Frederick Co. (presumed) - William "Billy" s/o Andrew born
1767     VA  Frederick Co. (later Berkeley 1772) - Margaret d/o Andrew born
1772     VA  Berkeley Co. - created from the northern third of Frederick Co. VA
               New Berkeley includes Mecklenburg (now Shepherdstown) and Pack Horse Ford
1772     VA  Berkeley Co. (presumed) - Cornelius s/o Andrew born
1773     MA  Boston Tea Party
1774     VA  Jefferson Co. (now Shelby Co. KY) - Low Dutch purchase of 10,000 acres
1775     VA  Berkeley Co - Andrew Shuck, son Andrew/Margaret born  (IGI Fo/Li: 1772/1805) *
1775     --  Revolutionary War begins : April 19, 1775
1778     VA  Berkeley Co. (presumed) - Mary "Polly" d/o Andrew born
1779/82  VA  Berkeley Co. (presumed) - John S. s/o Andrew born
1779     VA  Berkeley Co. - March, Samuel Duree led scouting party to Kentucky
1780     VA  Samuel Duree from Mecklenburg (now Shepherd's Town) and Henry Banta from Conewago
                led the 1780 migration to Kentucky in two groups
1780     VA  Original "Kentucky Counties" formed in Virginia from "Kentucky County":
                Jefferson, Lincoln and Fayette
                Jefferson County Seat was (and is) Louisville
                Lincoln   County Seat was (and is) Stanford
                Fayette   County Seat was (and is) Lexington
                (By 1792, these three had been subdivided into eight (nine?))
                Exact date?
1780     ??  ??? First child to marry - place unknown (est Mary Magdalena Shuck/H.Duree)
1781     VA  ??? Mathias Shuck (s. Andrew) enlists Rev. War.  Pension file # S14436, Nat. Archives
1781     VA  Jefferson Co. (now Shelby Co.) - Long Run Massacre: Squire Boone's Painted Stone Station near what is now Shelbyville; Long Run Creek
1782e    VA  Berkeley Co. ? - Estimate of Mathias Shuck marriage, prob. Berkeley Co. VA (now WV)
1783     --  Revolutionary War officially ends : September 3, 1783; Peace of Paris
1783     ??  LDC Petition to Congress, signers include Andrew Shoc, Mattis Shuc as "intend frinds"
                Petition was not dated, but was reported by a committee of the
                Continental Congress on September 27, 1783.
1783     VA  Berkeley (was Frederick) Co. - Andrew Shuck last personal property tax record Berkeley Co. VA
1784     VA  Nelson Co. (now KY) separated from Jefferson, significantly reducing the latter.
1784     VA  Lincoln Co. (now KY) - Danville, now Boyle Co. - Sarah "Sally" Shuck marries H.Banta : First child known to marry in KY
1785     VA  Jefferson Co. (now KY) - Margaret Shuck marries Perry Tharp (bond Dec. 13; marriage Dec. 24)
                Surname spelled "Suck"; indexes as "Such"
1785     VA  Berkeley (was Frederick) Co. - Mathias Shuck personal property tax records Berkeley Co. VA (1785-1793)
1784     VA  (now Shelby Co. KY) - Low Dutch tract divided
1786     VA  Mercer Co. formed from Lincoln, County Seat Harrodsburg
1786     VA  (now Shelby Co. KY) - Low Dutch settlers return to tract / tract map
1786     VA  Andrew and son William sign Low Dutch Article of Agreement
1790     VA  Lincoln Co. - Danville - Hannah Shuck marries Jean Baptiste/Batiste (Kentucky Marriages early to 1800)
                 Danville now in Boyle Co. formed 1842 from Lincoln and Mercer
                 They lived in that area (Tax records).  She dies near Danville 1832 (gravestone).
1792     KY  Kentucky becomes a state from VA: 1 June 1792; 9 counties, descendants of Jefferson, Fayette and Lincoln.
1792     KY  Shelby County formed from (Jefferson-presumed?) : 28 June 1792; 12th county
1792     KY  Mercer Co. - William "Billy" Shuck marries Mary (Maria) "Polly" Banta 4 Aug 1792 @ Harrodsburg (Mercer County Marriages)
1793     VA  Berkeley Co. - Last Mathias Shuck personal property tax record  Berkeley Co. VA (1785-1793)
1795     KY  (Shelby Co.?) - Letter to Classis of New Brunswick NJ
1796     KY  Lincoln Co. - Danville? - Andrew Shuck Jr. marries Mary Ann "Polly" Young 7 May 1796 (IGI)
1798     VA  Berkeley Co. - Mecklenburg name change to Shepherd's Town
1798     KY  Henry Co. - Formed from Shelby Co. KY
1798     KY  Shelby Co. - Mary "Polly" Shuck marries William Poland 23 Oct 1798 (Shelby County Kentucky Marriages 1792-1800)
1800     KY  Mercer Co. - Old Mud Meeting House erected
1801     VA  Jefferson Co. (new) - formed from part of Berkeley, includes Shepherd's Town
1802     KY  Lincoln Co. - John S. Shuck Jr. marries Priscilla Young 11 Jan 1802 (Kentucky Marriages to 1850)
1803     KY  Shelby Co. - Andrew dies - will dated March 1803, proved May 1803 Shelby County
1817     VA  Berkeley Co. - A John Shook married Rachel Keesecker in Berkeley Co. VA 03 Feb 1817 (IGI patron sub.)
1820     KY  Shelby Co. - Margaret, widow of Andrew dies 1 Jan 1820
1822     KY  Shelby Co. - Cornelius Shuck deed in dissolution of Low Dutch Company
1825     KY  Lincoln Co. - Danville - Jean Baptiste/Batiste died/buried (reportedly
1832     KY  Lincoln Co. - Danville - Hannah Shuck Baptiste/Batiste died/buried
1832     KY  Henry Co. - Mathias Shuck goes to court for Rev. War pension application
1833     KY  Shelby Co. - Cornelius Shuck deed in dissolution of Low Dutch Company
1833     KY  Shelby Co. - John Shuck deed in dissolution of Low Dutch Company
1839     KY  Shelby Co. - William Shuck deed in dissolution of Low Dutch Company
1842     KY  Boyle Co. formed from Lincoln and Mercer, Seat: Danville
1846     KY  Henry Co. - Mathias Shuck dies
1863     WV  West Virginia counties split from Virginia during U.S. Civil War
1863     WV  Berkeley Co. becomes part of new state of West Virginia which supported the North
1863     WV  Jefferson Co. (NOT the KY Co.) becomes part of new state of West Virginia which supported the North
1863     VA  Frederick Co. remains in Virginia
1867     WV  "Shepherd's Town" contracted to Shepherdstown, (officially)

* Dates of Sarah Shuck (born 1761, died 1 April 1851) and Andrew Shuck (born 1775, died 27 OCT 1830)
  are reported in the IGI, online: Batch Nu. 8805611, Sheet 35, Call No. 1396498 (Film);
  fiche: Form/Line: 1772/1806. However, this is from an unknown, uncited
  LDS patron submission which I have not looked up.

County History Notes

These notes predominantly concern the history of counties that relate to the family and migration of Andrew Shuck. In 1780, the original "Kentucky Counties" were formed in Virginia from "Kentucky County." These were Jefferson, Lincoln and Fayette. By 1792, when Kentucky became a state on June 1, these three had been subdivided into eight (one report says nine?) counties. In 1784 Nelson County was formed which took the better part of Jefferson. Jefferson remained intact until 1792 when Shelby (June 28) and Washington were separated. (Others?) Jefferson's present boundary is unchanged since 1811.

It is presumed that events for Andrew Shuck family recorded as Jefferson County prior to June 1, 1792 took place in the area(s) of current Shelby County, Henry County (1798 from Shelby) and/or Louisville.

Virginia-Kentucky Counties
Virginia-Kentucky Counties 1780

Virginia-Kentucky Counties 1780
Virginia-Kentucky Counties 1780

Virginia-Kentucky Counties 1792
Virginia-Kentucky Counties 1792
Nelson Co. created 1784 from Jefferson
Kentucky Statehood June 1, 1792

Andrew Shuck children

Following is a list and brief recap of the ten children of Andrew Shuck. They are named in Andrew Shuck's 1803 will. Contrary to some claims his children did not include an Agnes and Anna

Descendants of eight of the ten children are fairly mostly well known, proven and documented. They are shown in the following Descendants Database, which is not up to date. For five of those ten children we also know at least the parents of their spouses. There are numerous unsettled questions about the husband and children of Hannah Shuck Baptiste/Batiste. We also do not know the names of any of the children of Mary "Polly" Shuck and William Poland, reportedly four daughters and two sons.

  1. Hannah

    Hannah Shuck was born 28 November 1756, possibly New Jersey; died 17 September 1832 at Danville (near), Lincoln (now Boyle) County, Kentucky; buried at Wilson Station Cemetery near Junction City, Lincoln (now Boyle) County, Kentucky. Hannah Shuck's gravestone record had been included on a transcription of the Wilson Station Cemetery posted on a website that as of May 2014 no longer exists. The stone said "Hannah Batist" and there was a footstone "H.B." I recall seeing a photo of her gravestone which data matched the transcription. The website was saved as Wilson Station Cemetery at where some photos were captured, but not Hannah's (she is listed out of alpha order). Now see Hannah Shuck grave at but no gravestone photo.

    Hannah Shuck married 7 April 1790 at Lincoln County, Kentucky to Jean (John) Baptiste/Batiste (est 1750/1760-abt 1825). I have not seen a copy of the original record, only various indexed transcriptions of the marriage which all consistently give her name as "Hannah Shuck" and his as "John Batiste." One transcription states: "Batiste, John, Hannah dau. of Andres Schuh" so this adds confirmation to the will of Andrew Shuck. Children uncertain. See discussion of Baptiste - Jean (John) Baptiste (dit. St. Onge?) (est1750-est1820/1830) for more about him and their children.

  2. Mathias (Matthew)

    Mathias (Matthew) Shuck born possibly 1759 in New Jersey (his recollection at an advanced age) and died 2 March 1846 in Henry County, Kentucky. He married est 1782 to Mary _______. He served in the Revolutionary War. Eight children.

  3. Sarah "Sally"

    Sarah "Sally Shuck born 27 October 1781 near Mecklenburg (now Shepherdstown), Frederick (later Berkeley, now Jefferson) County, Virginia (now West Virginia); died 1 April 1851 at Flat Rock, Bourbon County, Kentucky; buried at "Family Farm", Bourbon County, Kentucky; married 5 June 1784 at Danville, Lincoln (now Boyle) County, Kentucky to Hendrick (Henry) Banta (1762-1844). Ten children.

  4. Mary Magdalena (Helena)

    Mary Magdalena (Helena) Shuck was born 1763 near Mecklenburg (now Shepherdstown), Frederick (later Berkeley, now Jefferson) County, Virginia (now West Virginia); died est 1830 at Jefferson County, Indiana. She married first est 1780 Henry (Hendrick) Duree (Duryea, Durie) (1756-1781); second est 1781 to Cornelius Banta (1751/1758-abt1835). One son by Duree, eight children with Banta.

  5. William "Billy"

    William "Billy" Shuck was born 25 September 1765 near Mecklenburg (now Shepherdstown), Frederick (later Berkeley, now Jefferson) County, Virginia (now West Virginia); died estimated 1840/1850 at presumed Henry County, Kentucky; married 4 August 1792 at Harrodsburg, Mercer County, Kentucky to Mary (Maria) "Polly" Banta (1772-1830/1840). Twelve children.

  6. Margaret

    Margaret Shuck was born 1767 near Mecklenburg (now Shepherdstown), Frederick (later Berkeley (1772), now Jefferson) County, Virginia (now West Virginia); died 16 October 1852 at Gravel Switch, Marion County, Kentucky; buried Tharp Family Cemetery in Marion County, Kentucky; married 24 December 1785 at Jefferson County, Virginia (now Kentucky (1792), presumed vicinity of now Shelby County, Kentucky) to Perry (Parra) Peter (Periah) Tharp (cal1757-1845). (Marriage bond dated 13 December 1785 at Jefferson County, Virginia: Margaret Suck, daughter of Andrew Suck, marriage Periah Tharp, bondsman William Suck. Ref: "Kentucky Marriages, 1785-1979," index, FamilySearch ( : accessed 14 Dec 2013), surname indexed as 'Such' ) He served in the Revolutionary War. Eleven children.

    The location of the Tharp Family Cemetery is known, ten burials are listed at Tharp Family Cemetery @ One gravestone photo is shown: a modern government-placed veteran's stone for Perry. As of December 2013, a duplicate cemetery listing exists at that shows just two entries for Perry and Margaret under a different, apparently made-up, cemetery name: Gravel Switch Tharp Farm Entries at both cemeteries show additional research details. The second cemetery shows a parent link to "Andrew Schuck" for Margaret, but the "information" shown for him and the family there presented as fact is speculative, guesswork, unproven and some items just wrong.

  7. Cornelius

    Cornelius Shuck was born about 1772 near Mecklenburg (now Shepherdstown), Frederick (later Berkeley, now Jefferson) County, Virginia (now West Virginia); died presumed 1830/1840 at Shelby County, Kentucky; married estimated 1799. Seven children, an eighth is disputed. The name of his wife is disputed. An early family account identified her as a Rebecca Farrell but no other evidence of her has been found. A Henry County, Kentucky marriage record shows an otherwise unknown "Car" Shuck married to a Sally McGuire 18 September 1810. I believe "Car" was a misinterpreted "Cor." for Cornelius. Sally would probably have been a second wife.

  8. Andrew Jr.

    Andrew Shuck Jr. was born cal 1775 near Mecklenburg (now Shepherdstown), Frederick (later Berkeley, now Jefferson) County, Virginia (now West Virginia); died 27 October 1830 at Hickman (now Fulton) County, Kentucky; buried at Shuck Cemetery, Fulton County, Kentucky; married 7 May 1796 at Lincoln County, Kentucky to Mary Ann "Polly" Young (1773-abt 1850). Eight or nine children.

  9. Mary "Polly"

    Mary "Polly" Shuck was born est 1778 near Mecklenburg (now Shepherdstown), Frederick (later Berkeley, now Jefferson) County, Virginia (now West Virginia); died after 1830 of Switzerland County, Indiana; married 23 October 1798 at Shelby County, Kentucky to William Poland (est1773-1820/1830). Reported six children, but I do not have their names.

  10. John S.

    John S. Shuck was born cal 1779/1782 near Shepherdstown (now), Frederick (later Berkeley, now Jefferson) County, Virginia (now West Virginia); died 3 January 1858 at Pleasureville, Henry County, Kentucky; buried Pleasureville Cemetery; married 11 January 1802 at Lincoln County, Kentucky to Priscilla (Prucilla) Young (cal 1780-1852). Seven or eight children.


Searchable database of all known descendants of Andrew Shuck born before about 1900. Also includes various allied family lines.

There is now a version of this information at Rootsweb WorldConnect that was submitted by Martha Miller. This data is more up-to-date. The direct access URL starting with Andrew Shuck is at: Andrew Shuck (1733-1803)

Descendants and Allied - Individuals' Biographies, Profiles, Obituaries, etc.


Many descendants of Andrew and his children remained in Kentucky at Henry/Shelby Counties or other nearby counties. Others moved westward, some to Indiana with other residents of the Low Dutch Colony. Known branches with Andrew's Shuck surname descendants follow. Shuck's in States/Counties not listed are not known to be connected to Andrew and are likely descended from other lines. In particular, the Shuck's who lived in Washington and Marion Counties in Kentucky were descended from John (Johann) Martin Shuck.

Historical References and Notes

Research Data Relating to Descendants of Andrew Shuck

Allied Families - Generation 1

Throughout the generations, literally hundreds of other family surnames have become allied with the Shuck's through marriage. The most complete record of these names and their descendants (Shuck and non-Shuck) is contained in the database. This section is an attempt to note some of the names that are more predominant in their association with the Shuck's or as part of the local history where they lived. The first generation begins with the surnames of those who married sons and daughters of Andrew Shuck: Banta, Duree, Bapiste, Tharp, Young and Poland/Polen. The Banta's and Duree's, in particular, played a major role in the migration to Kentucky and the establishment of the Low Dutch Company. Some of the Banta and Duree families also migrated with the Shuck's into Indiana around the 1820's.

Allied Families - Low Dutch

Many other families were prominent in the Low Dutch Company and migration to Indiana but did not marry with the Shuck's. These included Demaree, Ryker, Van Arsdale and many others.

Allied Families - Generation 2

Misc. Research and Other Notes


Following in addition to sources mentioned above. Incomplete. May not include individual biographies, obituaries, etc.

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