Revolutionary War Patriots


Following is a list of my direct ancestors who fought in the American Revolutionary War.

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The following numbers in parenthesises represent sources that support the individual's patriot service.

(1) DAR Patriot Index; NSDAR; Washington: 1966

(2) DAR Patriot Index, Centennial Edition; NSDAR; Washington; 1990; In three volumes Part I: A-F, Part II: G-O; Part III P-Z.

(3) DAR Patriot Index, Millenium Edition; In three volumes Part I: A-F, Part II: G-O; Part III P-Z. National Society Daughters of the American Revolution; Millenium Administration; Genealogical Publishing, Inc.; Baltimore, MD; 2003; LCCN 2003104353;

(4) DAR Genealogical Research System

See discussion notes about these sources and research methods following.

Northern Lines

- Jonathan Underwood, Sr. (1716MA-1794VT)
   Patriotic Service, Vermont
     "Jonathan Sr: b 1-22-1716 MA d 10-1-1794 VT m Hannah Richardson CS PS VT"
     (1) Vol. I, page 695
     (2) pg. 3007 (III)
     (3) pg. 2762 (III)

- Thaddeus Underwood (1760CN-1849VT)
   Private, Vermont
     "Thaddeus: b 9-17-1758 CT d 9-8-1840 VT m Mary Farr Pvt VT"
     (1) Vol. I, page 695
     (2) pg. 3007 (III)
     (3) pg. 2762 (III)

- Joseph Goodale (1735MA-1829MA)
   Private, Patriotic Service, Massachusetts
     "Joseph: b 6-18-1735 MA d 3-17-1829 MA M (1) Susanna (Ann)
             Hopkins (2)Mrs. Sarah Woodcock Pvt PS MA"
     (1) Vol. I, page 274
     (2) pg. 1183 (II)

- Timothy Stiles (1755NJ-?)
   Private, New Jersey
     "Timothy: bpt 1-3-1755 NJ d 1822 NY m (1)Anna Carter
        (2)Damaris Cramer Pvt NJ"
     (1) Vol. I page 650
     (2) pg. 2813 (III)

- Jasper Needham (1738MA-1821MA)
   Lieutenant, Massachusetts
   Enlisted in the regiment of his brother, Capt. Anthony Needham
     "Jasper: 7-3-1738 MA d 12-14-1821 MA m Deborah Fuller Lt MA"
     (1) Vol. I, page 491
     (2) pg. 2126 (II)

- Stephen Cummings (1736-est1810/1820)
    Private, Vermont
    [121] Capt. Nathaniel Seely's Company of Alarm Men in
    Col. Samuel Herrick's Regiment of Militia in the service of the
    State of Vermont, the 11th October, 1780.
Discussion at Stephen Cummings, Patriot

Southern Lines

- Mathias Shuck (1759NJ-1846KY)
   b. 1759 NJ d 3-2-1846 KY m (1) Mary _______ Pvt VA Militia
   Private, VA Militia
   Rev. War pension application and 1835 roll at Henry Co. KY
   From "Abstracts of Rev. War Pension Files":
     "Mathias or Mathew Shuck, VA Line, S14436, sol was b in 1759 in NJ & in
      1760 was moved to VA, he lived in Berkeley Co VA at enl & after the Rev
      moved to what is now Henry Co KY where he appl 3 Dec 1832"
   Not listed DAR Patriot Index although his pension application was
   apparently accepted.

- Samuel Ingram (1740VA-1801VA)
   Private, Civil Service, Patriotic Service, Virginia
     "Samuel: b c 1740 VA d 1799-1801 VA m Anne --- Pvt CS VA"
     (2) pg. 1566 (II)

     (4) DAR Genealogical Research System / Ancestor Search

        INGRAHAM, SAMUEL [Ingram]

        Ancestor #: A060259
        Birth: (CIRCA) 1740    VIRGINIA
        Death: (CIRCA) 8- -1801     MONTGOMERY CO VIRGINIA
        Service Source:

        Service Description:
          2) TOOK OATH OF ALLEGIANCE 1777


        1) County: FINCASTLE CO - State: VIRGINIA
        2) County: MONTGOMERY CO - State: VIRGINIA

        Number  Name

          1)    ANNE X

        Associated Applications and Supplementals
        Nat'l Num    Add        Docs         Child/Spouse Number/Spouse

        78251        273                   JONATHAN / [1] BARBARA MENEFEE
        101836       273                   JONATHAN / [1] BARBARA MENEFEE
        230040       358                   NANCY / [1] ZACHARIAH CECIL
        396770       471                   JONATHAN / [1] BARBARA BENEFEE
        607892                             JONATHAN / [1] BARBARA BENEFEE
        610976                             JONATHAN / [1] BARBARA BENEFEE
        566985       573                   JAMES / [1] RHODA MENEFEE
        660157                             JAMES / [1] RHODA MENEFEE
        576431       596                   JAMES / [1] RHODA MENEFEE
        679487                             JAMES / [1] RHODA MENEFEE
        683353                             JAMES / [1] RHODA MENEFEE
        692750                             JAMES / [1] RHODA MENEFEE
        697230                             JAMES / [1] RHODA MENEFEE
        706022                             JAMES / [1] RHODA MENEFEE
        730000                             JAMES / [1] RHODA MENEFEE
        730001                             JAMES / [1] RHODA MENEFEE
        730393                             JAMES / [1] RHODA MENEFEE
        757005                             JAMES / [1] RHODA MENEFEE
        756436       827                   NANCY / [1] ZACHARIAH CECIL
        474465       883                   JEMIMA / [1] NIMROD MENEFEE
        820365       887                   NANCY / [1] ZACHARIAH CECIL
        841015       925                   JONATHAN / [1] BARBARA MENEFEE
        726627       948                   JONATHAN / [1] BARBARA MENEFEE

- Jonathan Ingram (est1760-1830/1840)
   Samuel Ingram (Sr.) was tried for being a Loyalist, being among
   a number of individuals accused of "misbehavior and treason" in
   proceedings in August 1780 of Montgomery and Botetourt Counties.
   I do not have citation of the original court records, but the
   involved individuals are reported in the Draper MSS 5QQ73-79.
   He was sentenced for further trial in Augusta, but Jonathan and
   James agreed to serve in the American Army until December 31, 1781.
   Jonathan is not listed in the DAR printed patriot indices or the
   online Genealogy Research System. James is listed in the GRS
   (ancestor A060178):
      Continental Army: 8-1780 - 12-31-1781
   But the DAR only lists individuals who have been used to obtain membership.
   The following has been reported:
     "In 1774, he [Jonathan Ingram] served a total of 130 days in the
      Fincastle County militia under Captains Walter Crockat and
      James Robertson. Subsequently, during the Revolution, he served
      under Captain Abraham Trigg in the militia of Montgomery County
      (which was created from Fincastle County in 1777). As noted above,
      he seems also to have served in the Continental Army under Colonel
      Preston about 1781. [Would probably have been 8-1780 to 12-31-1781.]
      He appears to have owned property (340 acres) in Montgomery County
      as early as 1796 or 1797, and perhaps as early as 1789, Although
      the 1790 Census indicates that Jonathan was in Logan Co., KY at
      that time."

   A roster reconstructed from pay lists for Lord Dunmore's War, 1774,
   Montgomery County, Virginia, lists Jonathan Ingram serving 108 days
   in Capt. Walter Crockett's Company. The reporting website does not show
   a source citation for the underlying pay lists. There may be another
   list, probably "Robertson" that may account for 22 more days. Also
   Trigg rolls would need to be checked, if such exist.
   Jonathan's service for the 1780-1781 period is contradicted. It is
   reported that Jonathan employed a substitute for the 1780-1781 service obligation.
   Draper MSS 5QQ72 extract indicates he employed a substitute.
   However, it is also reported that he was serving in Capt. Abraham
   Trigg's Montgomery County Militia April 1781. (Virginia Military
   Records; ...; page 225; GPC, Baltimore; reprint 2000, 2007; accessed
   via Google Books, full biblio. ref. obscured)

   There are likely more rolls in existence that may not show up on
   an internet search.

Further citations, details and extracts are shown on the Samuel Ingram page.

- John Hudson (1739VA-1814NC)
   Private, North Carolina
     "John: b 1739 NC d 1814 NC m --- Allen Pvt NC"
     (2) pg. 1525 (II)

- Isaac Hudson (1763NC-1848MO)
   Private, North Carolina
   born Sep 19, 1763, Bute, Bute Co NC; died Aug 7, 1848, Lincoln Co MO;
     child #2 of John HUDSON (1739VA-1814NC) and Elizabeth ALLEN
     "Isaac: b 9-19-1763 NC d 8-7-1848 MO m Mary (Dolly/Polly)
      Shepherd Pvt NC"
      (2) pg. 1525 (II)
   [May need further proof of service]

- George Gordon Patton (1757-1813VA).
   Born 17 Jan 1757 at Inverness, Scotland s/o James Patton (1722-????)
   and Elanor Gordon; married 24 Dec 1784 at Overwharton Parish,
   Stafford Co., Virginia to Sarah Stringfellow (1766-1848);
   15 children (supposedly); died 14 Oct 1813 at Stafford Co.

   Enlisted at Falmouth, VA in 1777 & served for the duration of the war.
   By that time he was a SGT. Fought in the Battle of Brandywine.
   His Widow applied for a pension.

      George : b 1-17-1759 VA d 10-14-1813 VA m (1) Sarah Stringfellow Sgt VA SPNS HPNS"
            WPNS - Widow Pensioned
            HPNS - Heirs Pensioned
       (3) Page 2062 (Volume II)

        Virginia and West Virginia Genealogical Data from Revolutionary
        War Pension ... / Volume 4 -- Nabors through Rymer
         By Patrick G. Wardell; Heritage Books; Westminster, Maryland;
         1994; page 75

         George, esf 1777 Falmouth, Stafford Co, VA, in VA regiment;
        dd 10/1813; md 12/1785 Sarah STRINGFELLOW, Stafford Co, VA
        per certificate 1840 by the Co clark of court John M CON-
        WAY, per witness Samuel S BROOKE; wid mvd 1832 to Fayette
        Co, OH, where she PN 1840 ae 74; s Thornton liv 1841; Mary
        GRAVES AFF aec 72 Stafford Co, VA, 1841 that sol esf 1777-
        78 with her bro John STRINGFELLOW in 6th VA Regiment & her
        bro KIA at Battle of Brandywine, per Stafford Co JP James
        Brigge & Co clerk of court Thomas HILL; wid res 1843 Fay-
        ette Co, OH; QLF 1918 from SAR agent says sol desc James B.
        PATTON had just applied for membership in NJ SR; QLF says sol
        b. Famlouth, VA; QLF 1913 from desc Mrs George W WANAMAKER,
        Bethany, MO, who also desc of RW sol Alexander McINTIRE of
        VA or MD; letter in file, dated 1894, from J H PATTON of
        Cincinnati, OH, to cousin James M PERRY (great gds/o sol),
        F-W4049 R1889

- Alexander McInteer (McIntire, McIntyre) (-1807)

       (4) DAR Genealogical Research System / Ancestor Search


           Ancestor #: A077204
           Service: VIRGINIA    Rank: CIVIL SERVICE
           Birth: (CIRCA) 1730
           Death: 4- -1807     STAFFORD CO VIRGINIA
           Service Source:
           Service Description: 1) JUROR TO VIEW LAND ON WHICH TO ERECT A MILL

             1) County: STAFFORD CO - State: VIRGINIA

           Number  Name
             2)    SARAH X
             3)    MIRIAM BELCHER

           Associated Applications and Supplementals
           Nat'l Num    Add Vol.    Docs         Child/Spouse Number/Spouse
           640839                                LYDIA / [2] JEREMIAH HOLMES
           648264                                LYDIA / [1] WILLIAM PATTON
           713177         959                    HENRY / [1] MARGARET X

Source Notes and Researching Revolutionary War Patriots

These above citations are primarily to the printed copies because my research pre-dates the subsequent online (4) DAR Genealogical Research System National Society Daughters of the American Revolution; Washington D.C.; (citation TBC) which is an online searchable listing of all Revolutionary War Patriots recorded and recognized by the DAR. The database shows the summary of their record which includes vital dates, spouse(s), service information and list of applications that used that patriot. Note that the DAR has developed a system of "standardized" surname spellings and has consolidated variant spellings under a singly-spelled name. One needs to search on that standardized spelling, though the database search results will alert the researcher to the standardized and variant spellings. Also, the database search engine will accept wildcards.

It is presumed that the online database permanently replaces the printed DAR Patriot Index which will no longer be produced. Be aware that DAR Patriots listed do NOT include all persons that served in the Revolution, ONLY those who were documented and were used in an application for membership. The DAR will not add Patriots unless they are specifically used and validated for membership. Other sources exist to search for Patriots including the SAR (Sons of the American Revolution), various military rolls and Pension application files.

Also, in recent years, the DAR has become much more rigorous in required proof of patriotic service and of the applicant's lineage to that patriot. Patriots and lines that were accepted in the past may be rejected under current standards. The online database will indicate any such patriots and lines that are no longer being accepted which probably will include some that were shown in the printed books. Those no longer accepted may be situations where the individual or line are explicitly disproven or where proof is not sufficient and may be re-accepted with complete proof.

Researching Revolutionary War Patriots is not a simple, straightforward task. There are various places to look, they are scattered, their scope is not always clear and I am not an expert, so will not attempt to provide extensive guidance. At least for now. For researchers, the initial source of contact had historically been the printed volumes of the DAR Patriot Index. Currently, the first source to check would be the online search facility at the DAR website The website provides much more detail than the books, as well as more current information.

As noted in the discussion previously, the DAR does not list all patriots, but only those that have been used (and, consequently, documented) for purposes of membership. There are many others who have served whose service may be documented in other specialized sources and those will require additional research to discover.

A few noteworthy published sources are:

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