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So far, I have identified the following Patton lines and unknown individuals that are ancestors, related or allied to me and to which I can provide at least a partial description of. They all have a connection with Virginia, although some geographically disperse counties. I suspect there MAY be relations or connections among two or more of the following lines based on various circumstances, but have no direct evidence. I have not looked to see if any Patton DNA projects or testing has been done. I have done some research through the internet, but not extensively or beyond that (i.e. original source search). The following should be considered to be a preliminary collection of claims, and not proven research. I have doubts about the accuracy of the various reported family lines; many of the family trees on the internet and other sources show directly conflicting information. Virtually none of the stuff on the internet shows primary sources or proof and some appears to have been simply tossed together without sufficient thought or analysis. Further complicated by unclear writing and probably mixing up various same-named Patton's. Some specific connections appear questionable. One of the limitations in research of these Patton families is the destruction of records in some counties in Virginia by the Yankees during the Civil War. So, for now, most of this should be considered unproven and somewhat speculative unless explicitly stated otherwise.

These reported, but not satisfactorily proven/documented, lines are:

  1. Patton's of Stafford County, Virginia.

    James Patton b. 24 April 1722 at North Leith, Midlothian, Scotland; chr. 29 April 1722 at North Leith, Midlothian, Scotland; d. 1768 at Falmouth, Stafford County, Virginia; m. 1 October 1746 at Inverness, Inverness-shire, Scotland to Eleanor (Helen) Gordon (1725-?) she reportedly daughter of James Gordon and Helen "Effie" Matheson Gordon but alternately claimed daughter of Col. George Gordon. No further information about his eight siblings, except for their christening dates which all name the parents, William Patton and Isabella Strawn/Strauchan/Steven/Stein/Stevin. I am not convinced that this James Patton of Stafford County who reportedly died 1768 was necessarily the James Patton who married 1746 at Inverness (I have not seen any marriage record) and/or was the son of William Patton and Isabella Strawn chr. 29 April 1722; that remains to be demonstrated. From North Leith to Inverness to Stafford County VA is a leap. Reportedly there were two Patton lines in Stafford County, Virginia who were not related.

    The line supposedly descends: Pattons of Alloa, Clackmannanshire Scotland 1650's > North & South Leith, Midlothian, Scotland 1720's > Inverness, Inverness-shire, Scotland 1750's > Stafford County, Virginia 1780's and after. Some apparently relevant primary records have been found online (IGI) in early Clackmannan and Midlothian, but not Inverness. Alloa, North & South Leith and Edinburgh are near each other. However, insufficient evidence so far to conclusively connect with those appearing in Inverness where primary records are apparently illusive, or at least not online.

    My direct ancestors James A. Patton (1787-1851), grandson of James Patton (1722-1768), Memorial# 24935258 and Agnes McInteer (1789-1847) migrated from Stafford County to Fee Fee, St. Louis County, Missouri 1835/1839 (based on childrens' births and marriages) and descendants going to nearby counties. This Missouri branch is mostly sufficiently documented including my personal visits to some of their graves. For more details on this line, see: Patton's of Stafford County, Virginia.

  2. Robert Patton (1745-1828) of Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County, Virginia.

    Robert Patton born 1745/1750 in Scotland; died 3 November 1828 at Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County,Virginia; married to Ann Gordon Mercer, reportedly born 1765 at Pitsligo, Aberdeen, Scotland daughter of Hugh Mercer. Reportedly seven children, found names of six: Robert (NFI), John Mercer, George Weedon (infant), William Fairlie, Eleanor Anne and Margaretta Louisa. Connections with Culpeper, Culpeper County, Virginia; Alexandria, Fairfax County, Virginia; and Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County, Virginia. This is the ancestral line of General George S. Patton Jr. (1885-1945).

    A family legend says Robert Patton assumed the name during the ocean crossing from the real Robert Patton who died. He never revealed his real name, even on his death bed. Another legend is that before his arrival in Virginia, he lived in Bermuda and killed the governor with a pistol after the latter had insulted him. There is also a painting depicting him as a young man. This is now reported to be false.

    According to Patton - A Genius for War by Carlo D'Este [FN], Robert Patton was born September 24, 1750 in Mauchline, Ayr, Scotland and emigrated to Culpeper, Virginia in 1769 or 1770 from Glasgow. He was apparently indentured for a period of time (probably five years) to the syndicate of William Cunninghame and was based at the depots in Falmouth and Culpeper before moving permanently to Fredericksburg where he subsequently prospered as a merchant and trader. Further biographical background of Robert and descendants is found in online posting of the first chapter of this book at Chapter One: The Pattons of Virginia

    Although the D'Este book provides what may be useful clues, there are some problems with its account.

    1. The record found for a Robert Paton at Mauchline is for a christening on 23 September 1750 [FN], so the book's reported "birth" date cannot be correct.
    2. The book does not provide a chain of evidence, establish proof or a logical argument to connect the Robert Paton who was born at Mauchline to the emigrant 1769/1770 from Glasgow to Culpeper who was indentured to Cunninghame.
    3. Immigration 1769/1770 is apparently a presumed estimate and not based on any record.
    4. No footnotes or citations to sources are provided. Due to the specificity, though, it appears that there may be some documentation behind the reports of indenture but no citations.

    A recommended source which into much more detail than the Washington Post article is Patton: Ordeal and Triumph by Ladislas Farago on which the movie PATTON was based. One of the early chapters deals with Patton's genealogy that included many miliary men. (I have not seen.)

    Various internet family trees show Robert Patton as son of James Patton (1722-1768) and Eleanor Gordon which is completely unproven, speculative and likely wrong.

  3. Henry Patton, Esq. (abt1660-abt1743) and Patton's of Augusta Co., Virginia; Montgomery Co., Virginia; Chester Co., Pennsylvania; Bourbon Co., Kentucky; Highland Co., Ohio; Pike Co., Missouri; Lincoln Co., Missouri; other places; and unknown places; originally from Ferrochie, Fifeshire, Scotland; via County Donegal and County Derry, Ireland.

    Children of Henry Patton, Esq. (abt1660-abt1743) and Sarah Lynn (1670-?). Three of their supposed eight children are reported to have migrated to America: William Patton Esq. (1690-1742) (died at Chester Co., Pennsylvania); Col. James Patton (1692-1755) (killed by indians 31 July 1755 at Draper's Meadows, Montgomery Co., Virginia; left will); and Elizabeth Patton (1700-1770) (married John Preston (1699-1747) who died presumed at his home on Lewis Creek, Augusta Co., Virginia near Beverley's Mill Place (Kegley p. 7)). Henry Patton, Esq. (abt1660-abt1743) reportedly b. Groghan, Co. Donegal, Ulster Prov., Ireland; d. Manor Springs/Newton/Lima Vaddy, Co. Derry, Ulster Prov., Ireland. It is speculated that there is a connection/relationship with Henry Patton Sr. (ca.1720-1755), died Augusta County, Virginia, below.

    It is this group of Patton's that intermarried, were connected with and probably migrated with the Lynn's and Lewis's (John Lewis, Pioneer (1678-1672) - a founder of Augusta County, Virginia). The Lynn's are those of variously reported "Loch Lynn" of Inverness, Scotland and various areas in County Donegal, Ireland; they not completely sorted out and ancestral claims are disputed. The whole story remains to be written. Sarah Lynn (1670-?) was reported daughter of David Lynn (abt1640/1644-1727) and sister of William Lynn (abt1672-1729) whose daughter Margaret Lynn (1693-1773) married above John Lewis (1678-1762), founder of Augusta County, Virginia.

    This line reportedly (speculatively) descends: Patton's of Ferrochie, Fifeshire, Scotland (late 1500's to early 1600's) > County Donegal, Ulster Province, Ireland (early 1600's to late 1600's) (possibly migrated 1622 to 1626) > County Derry (aka Londonderry), Ulster Province (late 1600's to 1760's and after) (probably migrated between 1660 and 1687) > Chester County, Pennsylvania (late 1730's to early 1740's) (questionable) (William Patton (1690-1742)) and Augusta County, Virginia (1738 and after) (Col. James Patton (1692-1755)). This REPORTED line goes back much further, to a William Patten ('abt1533'-?).

    The migration from Scotland to Ulster Province (Co. Donegal, initially) probably 1622 to 1626 was likely associated with the King James Plantation settlements, although that span was towards the very and of that scheme. That estimate is, however, based on reported birth and christening dates and places, so significant room for error is present.

    The link from Ferrochie to Counties Donegal and Derry is apparently unproven.

    The Pike County, Missouri descendants from this line begin with Thomas Dunlap Patton, born 14 October 1803 at Bourbon County, Kentucky; died 6 August 1879 at (presumed) Pike County, Missouri; buried Greenwood Cemetery at Clarksville; married 14 April 1825 at Pike County, Missouri to Julia Ann Watts (1810-1873); descendant of John (1779-1816) < William (1730-1795) < William (1690-1742) (immigrant) < Henry (abt1660-abt1743). Twelve children.

  4. John Patton (1802-aft1860) of Bourbon County, Kentucky and Pike County, Missouri.

    John Patton was born 12 January 1802 reportedly in Bourbon County, Kentucky; married 8 November 1825 in Kentucky or Missouri to Ruth Perrin Rankin (1802-aft1860); died after 1860. I have found four or five children (1860 census, Pike County, Missouri) and some descendants (Patton and Meloan). Descendants at Lincoln County Missouri include son Thomas Andrew Patton (1856-1931) and his sons John W. Patton (1886-1969) and Ira Thomas Patton (1891-1976) who owned farms in Hurricane Township shown in 1930 plat.

    John Patton (1802-aft1860) reportedly son of a Thomas Patton, but no further information or clues. That Thomas Patton estimated birth 1770/1780. I have not found any connection to the other Patton's of Pike County, despite the reported the Bourbon County residence of those respective Pike County families: John Patton (1802-aft1860) and Thomas Dunlap Patton (1803-1878). Probably connected with the Ferrochie, Fifeshire Patton's in some way, but so far not known by me.

  5. Margaret Patton (1676-1727/AFT1727)

    Margaret Patton (1676-1727/AFT1727) born 1676 probably in Scotland or Ireland; died 1727 possibly/reportedly in Augusta County, Virginia. (Note that Henry Patton, Sr. (ca.1720-1755) died in Augusta County, Virginia where his will was probated.) There are three different sets of claimed parents although I suspect she is connected with the above Pattons from Ferrochie, Fifeshire and later Counties Donegal and Derry. She married to William Lynn reportedly in 1688 at County Donegal, Ireland. He born "About 1672" in "Loch Lynn", Inverness-shire, Scotland; died 1729 possibly/reportedly in Augusta County, Virginia. ALL UNPROVEN; NO primary source evidence. Further, existence of a "Loch Lynn" in Inverness-shire specifically described as unknown and speculative. Another report/legend: Margaret Patton reportedly brought her husband William Lynn to the estate "Ruskie," Parish of Drumachose, County Derry, inherited from her father, John Patton. (Direct ancestor.)

  6. Henry Patton Sr. (ca.1720-1755)

    Henry Patton Sr. born ca. 1720 in Ireland?; of Back Creek, Augusta (later Montgomery) County, Virginia; died 1755 in Augusta County, Virginia where his will was probated. Four sons reported: Thomas Patton Sr., Maj. Henry Patton, James Patton and David Patton. See: David V. Agricola website: Henry Patton Sr. Note that this webpage also has brief information about the Cecil's: John Cecil b. Prince Georges County, Maryland on 24 December 1691, s/o William Cecil Sr., and Samuel Cecil Sr. b. 23 March 1718/19 in Prince Georges County. Samuel Jr. married 24 Oct 1792 at Montgomery County to Mary "Polly" Ingram, d/o Samuel Ingram Sr. and Anne Stewart (my ancestors). Also, various other intermarriages between the Cecil's and descemdamts of Samuel Ingram.

    Margaret "Peggy" Patton born estimated 1800 married 20 December 1819 at Montgomery County, Virginia to Nimrod Ingram was probably a descendant of this line although I do not have the connection. She married second 8 December 1843 in Jefferson County, Illinois to William Ward and lived in Jefferson County, Illinois. (1850 census).

  7. Robert E. Patton

    Robert E. Patton born July 1818 in Virginia; married 1862/1863 to Virginia _________. 1900 census in Hartwood District, Stafford County, Virginia. Reportedly, there were two Patton lines in Stafford County and they were not related.

See also David V. Agricola website: Compendium of Patton lines for recap of the numerous Patton lines, apparently some published by him, others not. Dr. Agricola deceased 2006.

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