Descendants of
George Smith (est1748-1810)

Descendants of George (Washington?) Smith; he born est 1748; lived late 1700's at Mercer County, Kentucky; died 1810 at St. Louis County, Missouri. He had two wives, Jerusha and Mary, and a reported relationship with a Leah (Leannah) Ruth that apparently produced two children (Eli and Elizabeth?). Some of this family may have lived at Shelby County, Kentucky sometime during the period 1790-1816.

For the present, this page will be more of a working document, added to as I find more information, but not polished or organized into a final form. Also, my initial concern is with the period of residence in Missouri and after. Whatever went on in Kentucky and Virginia is another project.


I am still trying to decipher the geography of exactly where the Smith, Patton and related families lived in Missouri both in historical as well as current context so my understanding and this description are tentative. Many historical records, such as census, specifically give the location where the Smith's lived in from about 1805-1880's as St. Ferdinand Township, St. Louis County, Missouri. (Note that the City of St. Louis separated from St. Louis County in 1876; St. Louis now is an "independent city." All St. Louis County records prior to 1876 are still held by the City.) Other names mentioned in various records are Bridgeton, St. Ann, Fee Fee, Pattonville and Florissant.

Descendants - Migration

Some descendants to Lincoln County, Missouri.

  1. James Smith (b.1 Jun 1799-,Shelby Co.,KY;d.1 Apr 1867,Lincoln Co.,MO); son of George Smith (est1748-1810) and Mary; married 1819 to Elizabeth Ellis (b.20 Dec 1802-Holston River (near),,TN;d.8 Mar 1877,Lincoln Co.,MO) Founders of the Smith Chapel. (More TBA.) See the adjoining cemetery at: Smith Cemetery I Photos and Smith Cemetery Transcription
  2. Ellen Agnes Smith born 1 Oct 1842 at St. Ferdinand Township, St. Louis County, Missouri; died 4 December 1885 at Lincoln County, Missouri; buried Smith Cemetery; married 17 April 1866 to Cornelius Shuck (1840-1928). Daughter of Levi Smith (1797-1851) and Maria(h) (Patton) Smith (1816/1817-?), he brother of James Smith (1799-1867). Middle name "Agnes" after her maternal grandmother Agnes (McInteer) Patton (1789-1847).
  3. Louisa V. Smith born 19 April 1844 at St. Ferdinand Township, St. Louis County, Missouri; died 18 April 1912 at Winfield, Lincoln County, Missouri; buried Winfield (City) Cemetery; married 22 April 1875 at St. Louis to Joseph M. Ciyou (1837-1930). Daughter of Levi Smith (1797-1851) and Maria(h) (Patton) Smith (1816/1817-?), he brother of James Smith (1799-1867).
  4. Joseph Spencer "Spence" Smith born 1845/1846 at St. Ferdinand Township, St. Louis County, Missouri; died 20 March 1900 at Lincoln County, Missouri; buried Smith Cemetery (unmarked). Married 9 September 1879 at Lincoln County Missouri to Sarah W. Sanders (1858-aft1910). Son of Levi Smith (1797-1851) and Maria(h) (Patton) Smith (1816/1817-?), he brother of James Smith (1799-1867).
  5. George Washington Smith (1858-1925) married 2 December 1880 to Sarah Isabelle "Belle" Shuck (1863-1934). Son of James M. C. Smith (1825-1892) of Montgomery Co. Missouri; Grandson of Levi Smith (1797-1851) and unknown first wife.

Some descendants to Montgomery County, Missouri. (TBA)


Research on this family is still continuing and the information is VERY tentative. The following is a 4-generation list of descendants George Smith based on information we currently have from various reports. We are still seeking primary sources. Not certain which children by which wife. Reportedly Eli and Eliza were children by Leah (Leannah) Ruth.

                Descendants of George Smith

1. George Smith (b.Est 1748;d.1810-,St. Louis Co.,MO)
   sp: Jerusha (Smith) Mrs. (b.Est 1750;m.Est 1770)
   >Following children probably by Jerusha
    2. Catharine Smith
    2. George W. Smith Jr. (b.Abt 1772-<,Somerset,New Jersey>;d.Aft 1816-,St. Louis Co.,MO)
       sp: Mary Fulkerson (b.1776-,Somerset Co.,New Jersey;m.18 Feb 1794;d.Aft 1845-,St. Louis Co.,Missouri)
        3. William Smith (b.24 Apr 1797-,Mercer Co.,KY;d.24 May 1872-Cedar Township,Boone Co.,MO)
           sp: Nancy Ellis (b.26 Feb 1803-,St. Louis Co.,MO;m.29 Oct 1818;d.1 May 1876-,Boone Co.,MO)
            4. Hiram Smith (b.18 Aug 1819-,Boone Co.,MO;d.17 Oct 1890-,Boone Co.,MO)
               sp: Mary Ann Hubbard (b.17 Jan 1824-,Boone Co.,MO;m.19 Dec 1844;d.5 Oct 1908-,Boone Co.,MO)
            4. Peter Ellis Smith (b.28 Mar 1821-,Boone Co.,MO;d.7 Jul 1882-,Boone Co.,MO)
               sp: Nancy Moseley (b.15 Mar 1827-MO;m.26 Feb 1846;d.6 Apr 1872-Boone,MO)
               sp: Lorinda J. (Crobarger) Wheeler (m.26 Jul 1874)
            4. James Smith (b.27 Feb 1823-,Boone Co.,MO;d.26 May 1900-(of),Audrain Co.,MO)
               sp: Nancy Harrison (b.1833-,,MO;m.12 Aug 1856;d.Aft Jun 1880-(of),Audrain Co.,MO)
            4. George Smith (b.29 Jan 1825-Cedar Township,Boone Co.,MO;d.5 Sep 1872-Colorado Springs,,CO)
               sp: Nancy Melvina Coons (b.1832-,Montgomery Co.,KY;m.Bef 1851;d.5 Sep 1873-,Boone Co.,MO)
            4. Nancy Smith (b.Est 1826-,Boone Co.,MO)
               sp: Davidson Barnes (b.Est 1820-,,KY;m.25 Nov 1845)
               sp: (Son) Schultz (b.Est 1820)
            4. Mary Ann Smith (b.31 Jan 1828-Cedar Township,Boone Co.,MO)
               sp: Joseph M. Coons (b.Est 1825;m.10 Nov 1852)
            4. John Ellis Smith (b.15 Oct 1830-,Boone Co.,MO;d.14 May 1889-,Boone Co.,MO)
               sp: Mary Jane Boyd (b.1 Nov 1834-,,MO;m.9 Oct 1856;d.12 Dec 1901-,Boone Co.,MO)
            4. William Pettis Smith (b.1833-,Boone Co.,MO;d.6 Feb 1908)
               sp: Mary E. Collins (b.1839-,,MO;m.16 Dec 1869)
            4. Minerva Jane Smith (b.21 Feb 1836-,Boone Co.,MO;d.1876-,Audrain Co.,MO)
               sp: John Garrison Wilfley (b.4 Feb 1833-,Callaway Co.,MO;m.23 Mar 1857;d.2 Mar 1895-,Audrain Co.,MO)
            4. Francis Marion "Frank" Smith (b.18 Feb 1840-,,MO;d.28 Sep 1921-,Boone Co.,MO)
               sp: Hattie J. Pearson (b.14 Jun 1843;m.14 Sep 1864;d.27 May 1906-,Boone Co.,MO)
            4. Sarah E. "Sallie" Smith (b.1842-,Boone Co.,MO;d.Abt 1873-,Boone Co.,MO)
               sp: Tyre M. Roberts (b.1840-,,MO;m.9 Apr 1863;d.1880)
        3. George Washington Smith (b.Abt 1799-<,Mercer,Kentucky>;d.Aft 1882-(of),,Arkansas)
        3. Artemisa Smith (b.Abt 1801-<,,Missouri>;d.1844/1850-,Jefferson,Missouri)
           sp: Christopher Shoults (b.1803;m.6 Aug 1829)
        3. Amanda Smith (b.Abt 1803-<,,Missouri>;d.Bef 1839-,,Missouri)
           sp: Henry B. Votaw (b.Est 1800;m.Est 1825)
        3. Permelia Smith (b.Abt 1805-<,,Missouri>)
        3. Hiram Smith (b.1805-<,,Missouri>)
           sp: Mary A. Schultz (b.Est 1820;m.29 Oct 1840)
        3. Mary Smith (b.Abt 1807-<,,Missouri>)
        3. Isaphena Smith (b.Cal 1809/1810-<,,Missouri>;d.Aft Jun 1850-(of),Jefferson Co.,MO)
           sp: Andrew Kelso (b.1802-,,KY;m.11 Mar 1830;d.Aft Jun 1850-(of),Jefferson Co.,MO)
            4. Mary Ann Kelso (b.Cal 1830-,,MO;d.Aft Jun 1850-(of),Jefferson Co.,MO)
            4. George W. Kelso (b.Cal 1834/1835-,,MO;d.Aft Jun 1850-(of),Jefferson Co.,MO)
            4. Andrew Jackson Kelso (b.Cal 1839/1840-,,MO;d.Aft Jun 1850-(of),Jefferson Co.,MO)
            4. James P. Kelso (b.Cal Mar 1850-,Jefferson Co.,MO;d.Aft Jun 1850-(of),Jefferson Co.,MO)
        3. Nancy Smith (b.Abt 1809-<,,Missouri>)
        3. Angelica Smith (b.Cal 1817/1818-,,Missouri;d.Aft 1882-(of),Jefferson Co.,MO)
           sp: William Piatt (Pyatt) (b.Cal 1812/1813;m.13 Sep 1838;d.Aft Jun 1850-(of),Jefferson Co.,MO)
            4. John F. Piatt (Pyatt) (b.Cal 1839/1840-,,MO;d.Aft Jun 1850)
            4. Frederick Piatt (Pyatt) (b.Cal 1842/1843-,,MO;d.Aft Jun 1850-(of),Jefferson Co.,MO)
            4. Nancy I/J Piatt (Pyatt) (b.Cal 1844/1845-,,MO;d.Aft Jun 1850-(of),Jefferson Co.,MO)
        3. Lucinda Jane Smith (b.10 Apr 1822-,St. Louis Co.,MO;d.13 Jan 1878-,Jefferson Co.,MO)
           sp: Willis Henry Bittick (b.Est 1820-,,MO;m.Est 1839)
            4. Jane A Bittick (b.Cal 1840/1841-,,MO;d.Aft Jun 1850-(of),Jefferson Co.,MO)
            4. William P. Bittick (b.Cal 1842/1843-,,MO;d.Aft Jun 1850-(of),Jefferson Co.,MO)
            4. Hiram J. Bittick (b.Cal 1844/1845-,,MO;d.Aft Jun 1850-(of),Jefferson Co.,MO)
            4. Oliver Bittick (b.Cal 1847/1848-,,MO;d.Aft Jun 1850-(of),Jefferson Co.,MO)
            4. Thomas Bittick (b.Cal 1850/1851-,,MO;d.Aft Jun 1870-(of),Jefferson Co.,MO)
            4. Willis A Bittick (b.Cal 1852/1853-,,MO;d.Aft Jun 1870-(of),Jefferson Co.,MO)
            4. Solomon Bittick (b.Cal 1854/1855-,,MO;d.Aft Jun 1870-(of),Jefferson Co.,MO)
            4. Frederick Bittick (b.Cal 1860/1861-,,MO;d.Aft Jun 1870-(of),Jefferson Co.,MO)
    2. Pamelia Smith
    2. Robecca (Rebecca?) Smith
    2. Nancy Smith (b.1785)
   >Following children probably by Mary
    2. Levi Smith (b.Cal 1797-,,KY;d.1851)
       sp: UNKNOWN
        3. John A. Smith (b.Cal 1821/1822-St. Ferdinand Township,St. Louis Co.,MO;d.Aft Jun 1880-(of),Jackson Co.,MO)
           sp: Cornelia Francis Piant (Pyant) (b.Cal 1837/1838-,,MO;m.10 May 1853;d.Aft Jun 1880-(of),Jackson Co.,MO)
            4. William R. Smith (b.Cal 1856/1857-,,MO;d.Aft Jul 1880-(of),Jackson Co.,MO)
            4. Annetta V. "Nellie" ("Nettie"?) Smith (b.Cal 1866/1867-,,MO;d.Aft Jul 1880-(of),Jackson Co.,MO)
            4. Lillian A. Smith (b.Cal 1870/1871-,,MO;d.Aft Jul 1880-(of),Jackson Co.,MO)
        3. James M. C. Smith (b.12 Feb 1825-St. Louis,,MO;d.26 Jan 1892-,Montgomery Co.,MO)
           sp: Mary Ann Katherine Walton (b.28 Dec 1836-St. Louis,,MO;m.Abt 1851;d.21 Jan 1927-,Montgomery Co.,MO)
            4. Levi Smith (b.1853-,,MO;d.Aft 1927)
            4. Elizabeth Smith (b.1854-<,,Mo>;d.Aft 1927)
               sp: Robert L. Cole (b.Est 1850;m.Est 1875)
            4. Louisa Smith (b.1856-;d.Aft 1927)
               sp: Benjamin "Ben" Latta (b.Cal 1849/1850-,,IN;m.Est 1872;d.Aft Jun 1880-(of),Montgomery Co.,MO)
            4. George Washington Smith (b.14 Mar 1858-,St. Louis Co.,MO;d.25 Mar 1925-,Pike Co.,MO)
               sp: Sarah Isabelle "Belle" Shuck (b.5 Jan 1863-Hurricane Twp.,LC,MO;m.2 Dec 1880;d.13 Feb 1934-,Lincoln Co.,MO)
            4. Charles Smith (b.1860-)
            4. Mariah Smith (b.1863-)
               sp: Joseph Cobb (b.1860/1861;m.Est 1885;d.Aft Jun 1920)
            4. Fredrick Peter Smith (b.21 Feb 1867-,,MO;d.18 Mar 1912-,Montgomery Co.,MO)
               sp: Elmira Jane Painter (b.28 Jun 1866-,Montgomery Co.,MO;m.22 Mar 1892;d.29 Jun 1933-,Montgomery Co.,MO)
        3. Permelia Smith (b.Cal 1831/1832-St. Ferdinand Township,St. Louis Co.,MO)
       sp: Maria (Mariah) Patton (b.Cal 1816/1817-,,VA;m.5 Nov 1839;d.Aft Jun 1880-St. Ferdinand Township (of),St. Louis Co.,MO)
        3. Louisa J. Smith (b.Cal 1841/1842-St. Ferdinand Township,St. Louis Co.,MO)
           sp: Joseph Ciyon (b.Cal 1837/1838-,,MO;m.22 Apr 1875;d.Aft Jun 1880-(of),St. Louis Co.,MO)
            4. Frederick Ciyon (b.Cal 1877/1878-St. Ferdinand Township,St. Louis Co.,MO;d.Aft Jun 1880-(of),St. Louis Co.,MO)
        3. Ellen Agnes Smith (b.1 Oct 1842-,,MO;d.4 Dec 1885-,Lincoln Co.,MO)
           sp: Cornelius "Neal" Shuck (b.5 Jun 1840-,,MO;m.17 Apr 1866;d.25 Dec 1928-Elsberry,Lincoln Co.,MO)
            4. Lydia Shuck (b.12 Feb 1867-,Lincoln Co.,MO;d.2 Feb 1899-(presumed),Lincoln or Pike Co.,MO)
               sp: Cramer Andrew Sitton (b.Cal 1862/1863-,,MO;m.11 Oct 1893)
            4. Maria Ann Shuck (b.5 May 1868;d.4 Nov 1927)
               sp: Charles Thomas Argent (b.1866;m.11 Sep 1892)
            4. Laura Virginia Shuck (b.24 Apr 1870-Hurricane Twp.,Lincoln Co.,MO;d.13 Dec 1918-,Lincoln Co.,MO)
               sp: John William Overall (b.27 Sep 1869-,,MO;m.11 Sep 1892;d.11 Apr 1946-Brussels,Lincoln Co.,MO)
            4. Daniel Shuck (b.28 May 1872;d.Infant)
            4. Hattie M. or Missourie H. Shuck (b.9 Nov 1873;d.27 Aug 1874-,Lincoln Co.,MO)
            4. Carrie A. Shuck (b.1 Mar 1875-Hurricane Twp.,Lincoln Co.,MO;d.8 Jun 1934-,,MO)
               sp: Perry Hense (Henderson) Park (b.3 Sep 1853-,,MO;m.Dec 1903;d.22 Aug 1940-Corso,Lincoln Co.,MO)
            4. Levi Robert Shuck (b.4 Oct 1877-Dameron,Lincoln Co.,MO;d.24 Jul 1951-,,MO)
            4. Sarah Shuck (b.23 Apr 1879;d.5 Aug 1907-,Lincoln Co.,MO)
            4. Mollie McClure Shuck (b.10 Feb 1884-,Lincoln Co.,MO;d.13 Sep 1970-Silex-Rosedale Home,Lincoln Co.,MO)
               sp: John William Overall (b.27 Sep 1869-,,MO;m.9 Aug 1924(Div);d.11 Apr 1946-Brussels,Lincoln Co.,MO)
        3. Laura Smith (b.Cal 1844/1845-St. Ferdinand Township,St. Louis Co.,MO)
        3. Joseph S. Smith (b.Cal 1845/1846-St. Ferdinand Township,St. Louis Co.,MO)
        3. Daniel M. Smith (b.Cal 1846/1847-St. Ferdinand Township,St. Louis Co.,MO)
        3. Jerusha Smith (b.Cal Dec 1849-St. Ferdinand Township,St. Louis Co.,MO)
    2. James Smith (b.1 Jun 1799-,Shelby Co.,KY;d.1 Apr 1867-,Lincoln Co.,MO)
       sp: Elizabeth Ellis (b.20 Dec 1802-Holston River (near),,TN;m.1819;d.8 Mar 1877-,Lincoln Co.,MO)
        3. George Smith (b.28 Sep 1821;d.Child)
        3. Mary J. Smith (b.10 Oct 1823-St. Louis,,MO;d.27 Mar 1879)
           sp: John Gibson Barnes (b.Cal 1820/1821-,,KY;m.22 Dec 1840)
            4. Elizabeth A. Barnes (b.1842-,Lincoln Co.,MO;d.5 May 1907-(probably),Lincoln Co.,MO)
               sp: Columbus "Uncle Lum" Eastin (b.3 Jun 1836-,,MO;m.2 Mar 1859)
            4. James Barnes (b.1844-,Lincoln Co.,MO)
            4. Mary Ellen "Ellen" Barnes (b.1846-,Lincoln Co.,MO;d.Deceased)
            4. Frances "Fannie" Barnes (b.Cal 1848-,Lincoln Co.,MO;d.Deceased)
            4. John M. Barnes (b.1854-Calumet,Pike Co.,MO;d.Deceased)
            4. Willilam D. "Will" Barnes (b.1857-Calumet,Pike Co.,MO;d.Deceased)
        3. Levi Marion Smith (b.8 Nov 1825-Bridgeton,St. Louis Co.,MO;d.Aft 1883)
           sp: Narcissa Bradford Nelson (b.Est 1827;m.28 Dec 1848;d.1883/1885)
            4. Mary J. Smith (b.Cal Nov 1849-,Lincoln Co.,MO;d.Aft Jun 1850)
               sp: John A. Wirick (b.Oct 1843-,Adams Co.,PA;m.30 Sep 1873)
            4. James T. Smith (b.Est 1852-,,MO)
            4. J. D. B. L. Smith (b.Est 1854-,,MO)
               sp: Jennie M. Drake (b.Est 1840/1850;m.25 Mar 1885)
        3. Nancy Keziah Smith (b.18 Nov 1827-,Lincoln Co.,MO;d.1866)
           sp: John Peter Martin (b.1838-,,MO;m.19 Feb 1847)
            4. Lottie Martin (b.Est 1850)
            4. William H. Martin (b.May 1859-,,MO)
        3. Abraham Francis "Abram" Smith (b.Jan 1830-,Lincoln Co.,MO;d.12 Jun 1831-,Lincoln Co.,MO)
        3. James McAllister Smith (b.1833-,Lincoln Co.,MO;d.4 Mar 1886-Hurricane Twp.,Lincoln Co.,MO)
           sp: Alzina Elizabeth Jamison (b.Abt 1836-,Pike Co.,MO;m.1861;d.Abt 1863)
            4. Elizabeth Catherine "Betty Kate" Smith (b.Est 1861/1866)
               sp: Tabitha Cumi Watts (b.2 Jun 1847-,Amherst Co.,VA;m.7 Feb 1869;d.11 Nov 1927-Waukegan,Lake Co.,IL)
            4. Emma J. Smith (b.23 Apr 1869-,Lincoln Co.,MO;d.Aft Jul 1926)
               sp: (Son) Brown (b.Est 1867)
            4. Frances Ann "Fannie" Smith (b.23 Oct 1871-Hurricane Twp.,Lincoln Co.,MO;d.25 Jun 1926-Elsberry,Lincoln Co.,MO)
               sp: William Linn Jamison (b.29 Jan 1873;m.15 Jan 1891;d.10 Apr 1944-(presumed),Lincoln Co.,MO)
            4. Mary V. Smith (b.1 Feb 1873-,Lincoln Co.,MO;d.Aft Jul 1926)
               sp: (Son) Davis (b.Est 1870)
            4. James William Smith (b.20 Oct 1875-,Lincoln Co.,MO;d.Aft Jul 1926)
            4. Martha E. Smith (b.11 Nov 1877-,Lincoln Co.,MO;d.Aft 1966)
               sp: (Son) Brown (b.Est 1875)
            4. Jerusha Green Smith (b.3 Nov 1882-,Lincoln Co.,MO;d.14 Mar 1922-Fulton,Callaway Co.,MO)
        3. Elizabeth Jerusha Smith (b.9 Sep 1835-,Lincoln Co.,MO;d.26 May 1910-Elsberry,Lincoln Co.,MO)
           sp: Taylor Basye Green Rev. (b.Dec 1828-,,VA;m.18 Feb 1855;d.15 Mar 1903-,Lincoln Co.,MO)
            4. Anna Elizabeth Green (b.27 Jul 1856-Elsberry,Lincoln Co.,MO;d.2 Dec 1891-,Pike Co.,MO)
               sp: Jeptha Baldwin Jeans (b.12 Nov 1856;d.Bef 1946)
            4. Harriet "Hattie" Belle Green (b.25 Feb 1864-,,MO;d.11 May 1959)
               sp: William Lee Shuck (b.22 Jul 1864-,Lincoln Co.,MO;m.14 Oct 1896;d.21 Aug 1943-,Lincoln Co.,MO)
            4. James Moses Green (b.8 May 1869-,Lincoln Co.,MO;d.24 Jan 1934-San Antonio,,TX)
        3. Ellen Frances Smith (b.14 Nov 1836-,Lincoln Co.,MO;d.29 Jul 1844-,Lincoln Co.,MO)
        3. Martha A. Maria "Mattie" Smith (b.Dec 1839-,Lincoln Co.,MO;d.Aft Jun 1880-(of),Lincoln Co.,MO)
           sp: Erasmus A. Townsley (b.Cal 1826/1827-,,OH;m.27 Dec 1859;d.Aft Jun 1880-(of),Lincoln Co.,MO)
            4. James Lee Townsley (b.Cal 1860/1861-,Lincoln Co.,MO;d.Aft Jun 1880-(of),Lincoln Co.,MO)
            4. Bettie P. Townsley (b.Cal 1861/1862-,Lincoln Co.,MO;d.Aft Jun 1880-(of),Lincoln Co.,MO)
            4. Stonewall Jackson Townsley (b.6 Mar 1872-,Lincoln Co.,MO;d.8 Aug 1873-,Lincoln Co.,MO)
            4. Louise "A. L. E." Townsley (b.Sep 1876-,Lincoln Co.,MO;d.Aft Jun 1880-(of),Lincoln Co.,MO)
            4. Charles H. Townsley (b.Dec 1882-,,TX)
        3. William Noah Smith (b.18 May 1842-Elsberry,Lincoln Co.,MO;d.28 Dec 1881)
           sp: Alice Mildred Sanders (b.17 Mar 1853-Elsberry,Lincoln Co.,MO;m.1 Mar 1868;d.4 Jan 1924-Elsberry,Lincoln Co.,MO)
            4. Thomas King Claiborne Jackson Lee Smith (b.8 Nov 1869-Paynesville,Lincoln Co.,MO;d.1958)
               sp: Catherine Long (b.Est 1873)
            4. Bettie Lee Smith (b.14 Apr 1871-Elsberry,Lincoln Co.,MO;d.29 Dec 1946-Nampa Canyon,,ID)
               sp: James Moses Green (b.27 Dec 1858-Amissville,Rapahannock Co.,VA;m.29 Dec 1886)
            4. Nellie Smith (b.14 Apr 1871-Elsberry,Lincoln Co.,MO)
               sp: Lee Brown (b.Cal 1868-,,MO;m.13 Apr 1889)
            4. Adda Amelia "Addie" Smith (b.25 Mar 1873-Elsberry,Lincoln Co.,MO)
               sp: Joseph F. Long (b.Est 1870;m.Mar 1895)
            4. Dollie Smith (d.Deceased)
               sp: (Son) Green
            4. Hattie Price Smith (b.5 Mar 1875/1876-Hurricane,Lincoln Co.,MO;d.25 Jul 1962)
               sp: William David Weeks (b.1 Nov 1871-,,MO;m.29 Jul 1896;d.24 Jun 1950-Elsberry,Lincoln Co.,MO)
            4. Charles "Charlie" Smith (b.21 Jul 1877-Hurricane,Lincoln Co.,MO;d.May 1881-(probably),Lincoln Co.,MO)
            4. Eliza Smith
    2. Jerusha Smith
   >Following children probably by Leah (Leannah) Ruth
    2. Eli Smith (b.Cal 1805-,,KY;d.Aft Jun 1860-St. Ferdinand Township (of),St. Louis Co.,MO)
    2. Elizabeth Smith (b.Abt 1806)
   sp: Mary (Smith) Mrs.
   sp: Leah (Leannah) Ruth (m.Not Married)

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