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Information exchange for researchers of the Shuck/Shook surname including the spelling variants Shuck, Shook, Shock, Shoc, Shoch, Schuck, Schook, Schock, Schoc, Schoch, Schuh, Shue and Schug.


The purpose of these pages is to provide a common reference point for researchers to begin or further their search for their linkages to the family surnames of Shuck, Shook and similar-sounding spellings. I will use shorthand of "Shuck/Shook" for these families, but this will include all known spellings that are similar in sound, the most common of which are listed above. The starting point of this page will be known early (1700-1850) immigrant ancestors and earliest known ancestors located in the USA. Since I started this page (July 1997), it has been perpetually "under construction" and is being developed over time (i.e. as I find the time and as people respond). I do not yet know where it may ultimately lead, but will hopefully be of some value in helping researchers find their Shuck family connection by sharing information and contacting one another.

Most of the Shuck's in the United States are descended from immigrants from Germany who arrived starting in the early 1700's and after. Ancestral lines of about thirty known German immigrants have been documented at least to some extent. Most immigrants from these early known lines arrived between 1732 and 1800. These are described on the immigrant lines page, below. Some additional immigrants who came from Germany around the mid-1800's have been found in the census records from 1850 and after. Some, but not all, have been added to the immigrant lines page. So far, no specific origin in Germany of any of these lines has been found, with the sole exception of John Shuck (Shock/Schock/Shook) (1723was1730-1804), Immigrant 1749. However, I have not seen the documentation of that. No relationship between any of these thirty individual immigrants has likewise been established. Various books, articles, etc. have been written that describe generally German migration during this period, particularly the Palatine region, but so far nothing definitively connected to our Shuck/Shook lines. Further, my limited understanding of the geo-political environment at the time was that borders were sometimes fluid, so immigrants from these lines may have come from other areas that were culturally, if not politically, in Holland, Switzerland or France (Alsace).

Based on some family legend, unproven claims and coincidences, it appears that it may be more likely that the Shuck/Shook families may have originated in areas generally now known as Baden/Wurttemberg, Pfalz-Rheinland (Palatinate) or Alsace. These three areas adjoin and border or include the Rhine River, which was the means of travel to Rotterdam, the port of origin of many immigrant ships.

The history of Europe is one of wars, treaties, shifting borders, alliances and control, so location research, location identification and and accurate source citation is a tricky business. Unfortunately, sloppy, careless citations abound. For now, a highly condensed, cryptic background about one of the above areas. Alsace has been a separate jurisdiction, though in modern usage it is paired with Lorraine, also a separate jurisdiction, as "Alsace-Lorraine" primarily as the result of annexation by the German Empire in 1871 (ending in 1919 with the Treaty of Versailles). For historical purposes of Shuck/Shook research, Alsace appears to be the focus. Alsace is bordered on the east by the Rhine River and Baden/Wurttemberg and to the north by Pfalz-Rheinland. Since the 1600's, with various interludes (longest exception 1871-1919), Alsace has been part of France, though culturally and linguistically it was (and is) Germanic. However, ten Free Imperial Cities, including Mulhouse (Mulhausen) in south Alsace, were independent republics allied with the Swiss Confederation. Mulhouse became part of France in 1798. So event citations to Switzerland during that period may be correct, depending on exact location. Beware of mixed up citations. Note also that between 1671 and 1711 Anabaptist refugees came to Alsace from Switzerland, notably from Bern. Strasbourg, now the capital and principal city of the Alsace region, became a main centre of the early Anabaptist movement. I have suspected that at least some of the Shuck/Shook families may have immigrated due to religious persecution, especially given rumors of participation in American Anabaptist groups such as the Dunkers.

Although a relationship between any of the immigrant families has not been established, I suspect some may be related. DNA testing may demonstrate that.

The name appears in US and German records as Shuck, Shock, Shook, Schuck, Schock, Schook, Schug, Schuh, Shough, Shoc, etc. with virtually all the German records showing 'Sch_____'. Soundex code is S-200. In the US records from the early to mid-1700's, various spellings for some family members were used interchangeably. By the late 1700's to early 1800's, spellings appeared to have more or less stablized and by the mid-1800's, the same spelling of the family name was generally used consistently. There are, however, some exceptions.

Another variation of the surname, which appears more remote and less likely to be connected to the above in the USA is the group that includes: Shuh, Schuh, Schu, Shue, Shoe, Shew, Scheu. This group is particularly distinct from the above in that it does not end in the hard consonant sound 'k' (also 'guh') and all spelling variations appear to be pronounced exactly the same: i.e. like 'shoo'. The Soundex code is also different: S-000. It may be possible, even likely, that Shuck/etc. and Shuh/etc. derivations were related back in Germany, but so far I have not found any cross-over in the USA.

Note that many men are named "Johann _______". A convention in use ca. 1700's was to give all sons the first name of "Johann" and a middle name; excepting for the first son, the rest were then known by the middle name. "Hans" is also used as a nickname for Johann. Daughters may have also been given a common first name like Maria or Anna, but that seems less frequent. The postings I have seen do not always seem to present this Johann situation clearly, so be careful when dealing with these names. Generally, the information I report is just as I find it.

While all the American Shuck's found so far apparently descend from Germany and the data shows the name in Switzerland, Austria and Netherlands, it is found in other parts of the world as well. In particular, the IGI shows a number of 'Shuck', 'Shook' and other variants in England.

The initial work in these pages will be directed toward the name as spelled "Shuck" and the lines of Andrew Shuck (c1733GE-1803) of Kentucky and the other lines migrating to Kentucky and Missouri. The reason is practical: it is this line from which I am descended and have the most complete information on computer. Details about other lines will be added as people contribute.

To ensure the privacy of living individuals, the policy will be not to post genealogical information about individuals born after 1910.

Also, due to time and possible resource constraints, I cannot guarantee what will be the turnaround to post new information or inquiries or even that this page can be continued. So, please be patient.

This site would not be possible without information which is derived from "Shuck; Shock; Shook; Schuck; Schock; Schook; Schug; Schuh; Shough USA Germany Switzerland Austria Netherlands" by Larry G. Shuck. This is the most comprehensive work available on the Shuck/Shook line and, in addition to family group information for about 30 lines, has over 400 pages of underlying source data concerning the surname. It is a must have for any serious Shuck researcher. Only a small fraction of the information in this book has been put on this website. See Books list for more details.

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Surname Origin

According to "A Dictionary of Surnames" (Hanks & Hodges, Oxford Press, 1988) the surname Schuh is of German origin, a "metonymic occupational name for a maker or repairer of shoes, from Ger. Schuh shoe. Vars.: Schuch, Schuck, Schug; Schu(h)mann, Schuckmann; Schu(h)macher (Anglicized S(c)hoemaker)." However, this is the position of just this one source; there may be other theories. Further anglicization and variation of the name following immigration to the U.S. and migration within has led to the wide variety of spellings we see today.

DNA Testing Projects

As of September 2010, I am aware of the following DNA testing projects:

I suspect at least some of the Shuck/Shook lines are related, which connections were back in Germany, but over the past 12 years or so, research into the origins does not seem to have progressed much. Consequently, this project could be immensely helpful and descendants are strongly encouraged to participate. However, I will not be of much help since where it comes to understanding DNA, or anything in the life sciences realm for that matter, since I am clueless and helpless in those areas.

Immigrants and First Generation Lines

Summary descriptions of known first Shuck/Shook families in the USA with links to further information.

Researchers, Queries and Homepages

This section includes links to individuals' home pages for the different lines. However, this has not been updated for many years.


List of books, references and research materials about Shuck/Shook families.

Key Shuck/Shook Surname Genealogy Websites

The following are genealogy websites which focus on surname query postings and have postings for the Shuck/Shook surname. See Researchers and Queries page for individuals' web sites.

Historical References, Research and Notes

Research Notes, Sources and Key Links

Mostly Pennsylvania.


Postings of transcribed records data concerning the various Shuck/Shook Families.

Extensive transcriptions of Shuck data, including censuses, can be found in the Larry G. Shuck book. Includes IN, OH, MO, MD, PA.

So far, most of the following data relates to the family of Andrew Shuck (1733-1803KY) of Shelby/Henry Co. Kentucky; some may apply to family of John Martin Shuck (1723-1804KY) who died Washington Co., Kentucky.

I had initially transcribed census data by state from printed indices and from look-ups on the actual census schedules. This is shown in the sections by state. Subsequently, more complete indices came online which are shown in the "USA" section, but are limited to the "Shuck" spelling. The "USA" section is more complete, but the states sections may have more details. Consult both.

The transcriptions and postings here were begun long before the federal and state censuses had been indexed in online databases at websites of, Heritage Quest and They were selective and not necessarily complete for any particular timeframe, place or spelling of the surname. Further, the indexes of the earlier internet time may have indexed only names of the heads of the households and not every member. FamilySearch and Ancestry now index all members of the households; Heritage Quest does for only some census years and their website does not make it clear which years. FamilySearch and Ancestry may also show alternate name spellings and may be updated as corrections are found. Further postings of those censuses here would now just be duplicative and necessarily incomplete effort so I do not anticipate adding any more. Check those websites for further census data. Be sure to try alternate spellings.


USA - Federal

USA - All States


West Virginia






North Carolina









New Mexico


Revolutionary War Patriots

Multiple sources exist where an ancestor may be recorded or traced in service to the Revolutionary War. Be aware that "service" may include activities other than as a muskett-totin' member of a militia company such as providing supplies, for which a person was paid. These sources are extensive, varied and widespread so cannot be covered here. A few notes may be added as I come across them, but if it's not on this website I have no further information.


The DAR in the past printed volumes of the patriots that have been used to support membership applications. That information has been put on the web in a database searchable for free by the public. See DAR Note that neither the printed volumes nor the database list ALL patriots who served; only those proven for membership. Also, the DAR has become much more rigorous in proof requirements, so some individuals are no longer accepted and either their service was disproven (often identification confusion) or may need to be re-proven.

Abstracts of Rev. War Pension Files

Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files; White, Virgil D.; National Historical Publishing Company; June 1993: "Selected records from the Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land Warrant application files" NARA M805.

This source is particularly useful because Revolutionary War pension applications and their full files (beyond these brief abstracts) often contain substantial information about the applicant. A copy of the files may be ordered from NARA or, I believe, those files may have been posted online.

Abstracts of Rev. War Pension Files [Page] 3121

Andrew, NC Line, 57485, sol was b in 1755 in Northampton Co PA & he lived in Lincoln Co NC at enl & after the Rev he moved to Haywood Co NC where he appl 2 Oct 1833, in 1833 a Jacob Shook of Haywood Co NC made aff'dt but no relationship was given

Jacob, NY Line, S22987, appl 26 Jun 1833 Allegany Co NY aged 70, sol was b of German parents at Livingston's Manor about 8 miles S.E.. of Hudson NY & lived there until age of 9 then moved to the the mountains east of the Manor where his father then lived & at age of 17 he moved to Salisbury in Litchfield Co CT where he enl & after his service he lived at Salisbury CT for some yrs then moved to Livingston's ManorNY for 4 yrs then moved to Caughnawaga on the Mohawk River in NY for 6 yrs then moved to Charleston about 15 miles west of Caughnawag NY then moved to Cherry Valley in Otsego Co NY then moved to Springfield NY then moved to Tioga Co N Y then returned to Otsego Co NY then moved to Wolcott in Cayuga Co NY the moved to Portage in Allegany Co NY where he lived when he applied Jacob, NC Line, S7486, sol was b 19 Apr 1749 in Northampton Co PA & he lived in Lincoln Co NC at enl, he appl 3 Oct 1833 Haywood Co NC having moved there from Burke Co NC, in 1833 an Andrew Shook of Haywood Co NC made aff'dt & had sry with said Jacob Shook in the Rev but no relationship was given, the sol Jacob Shook d 1 Sep 1839

John, no unit of service given, R9529, sol m prior to 1790 at Easton PA (wife was not named) & sol d about 1835 leaving no wid but left 5 children but the only names shown were; Mrs. Rosina Pence & Mrs. Polly Gangawer who appl 18 Jun 1855 in Northampton C o PA

Abstracts of Rev. War Pension Files [Page] 3125

Jacob, PA Line, 536299, appl 3 Jun 1820 at Alexandria in the Dist of Columbia aged 74 with a wife Barbara aged 74 & he had 5 children but none contributed to his support (no names given), sol orig appl 30 Apr 1818, sol enl at Paulus Hook in NJ [aka Johann Jacob Shuck. Born 27 November 1749 in now Germany (poss. Heidelberg, Baden) son of Johann Martin Schuck/Schuch (1714-) and Anna Maria Doerr (1714-). Married Ann Barbara Way. Died "(POST) 4-30-1832" at Alexandria, Virginia. (Line 4.1.4) ]

John, Mary Ann B., PA Line, R9543, sol m Mary Ann B. Stanebroouch in 1792, sol d 15 Feb 1814 in Washington Co KY & his wid d 17 Oct 1850 in Marion Co KY leaving children; Margaret Flanagan who was b 2 Jun 1793 in Berks Co PA & in 1851 she lived in Marion Co KY, Evaline Shuck aged 56 in 1851, Elizabeth Carter aged 54 in 1851, Michael S. Shuck aged 51 in 1851, Henry Shuck age 48 in 1851, David Shuck aged 45 in 1851 & John Shuck aged 42 in 1851 & he was living at Lebanon KY in 1852, the son John Shuck appl 23 Apr 1851, in 1851 one Austin Flanagan was a witness to Margaret Flanagan's aff ' dt [Son of John Martin Shuck (1823(was1830)-1804) d. Springfield, Washington Co., Kentucky and Mary Margaret Wagner (1733-1795/1804). (Line 005.)]

Mathew or Mathias Shuck, VA Line, S14436, see Mathias Shuck

Mathias or Mathew Shuck, VA Line, S14436, sol was b in 1759 in NJ & in 1760 was moved to VA, he lived in Berkeley Co VA at enl & after the Rev moved to what is now Henry Co KY where he appl 3 Dec 1832 [Son of Andrew Shuck (est1733-1801) of Kentucky. (Line 001)]

Philip, PA Line, S31958, sol was b in 1760 in Berks Co PA, he lived in Northumberland Co PA at enl & in 1800 he moved to Washington Co KY & later moved to Harrison Co IN where he appl 15 Apr 1834, sol had also sry as a sub for his father John Shuck [Son of John Martin Shuck (1823(was1830)-1804) d. Springfield, Washington Co., Kentucky and Mary Margaret Wagner (1733-1795/1804). (Line 005.)]


No listings under that spelling.


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